Retail Opportunities has been collaborating with other professionals of the sector such as architects and interior designers for a very long time.
To these professionals we offer exclusive purchasing conditions, incentives for referral-based customers as well as a dedicated contact person to help you out with your own final clients.
Are you a professional of the Interior Design field? Fill in the form below, we'll discuss it over the phone and find out together the best partnership opportunities.


purchasing conditions

Incentives for

contact person


Partner factories in the
best Italian districts

Highly customisable

Transparent and
competitive pricing


24/7 access to
the platform

Highly Reliable
Digital Samples

Access to our
Showroom close to Milan

Operating all
over Europe

Logistics with
furniture specialised carriers

Assembling service with staff


We offer to our partners an innovative distribution model that involves:
- the opening of a physical touch-point based on an innovative layout;
- the close integration of e-commerce portal and physical touch-point, through a system that relies on digital tools for online visibility, for traffic creation to our touch-point, for configuring, quoting and managing orders...for a streamlined and automation-oriented management of all processes;
- the activation of online sales in all territories where the partner can guarantee deliveries;
- the further possibility of opening additional touch-points relying on the same digital infrastructure.

In this type of project, our Retail Partner enjoys a territorial exclusivity (possibly even over large territories).

Right now we are looking for Retail Partners in Germany and anywhere outside the European Union.

For any inquiry please send an email at [email protected] introducing your company and your business experience, our General Manager will get back to you as soon as possible.