Unloading the Supply

- Verify the number of packages: if the number does not correspond to the one stated on the shipping documents, please write the missing number of packages on the very same documents.

- Verify the external condition of the packages: if the packages are not intact and show dents, damages, tore or wet parts it is mandatory to sign the freight bill as "Received damaged / wet packages - content unchecked", we will not accept generic reasons but only specific ones. In case the product has a visible anomaly please write "damaged product".

- Always accept the delivery even if the packages and products have anomalies. This is the best way to receive a prompt assistance; not accepting the items and sending them back without authorization may result in a consequent double billing and extra surcharge for the stock of goods.

Opening the Packages

- Take pictures of the exterior of the packages: it is always mandatory if you've received and signed for a damaged package, however it is useful in case of product anomaly also if the package is in good condition.

- Open the packages with extreme care especially if using utility knives or any kind of blades. Sharp objects used during the opening are among the main causes of damages, being easily recognizable are not covered by warranty.

- Verify the items before proceeding with the assembling: in case of anomaly it is necessary to take a photo of the item, specifically a detailed photo of the concerned part, before completely removing the packages and before assembling the product. Follow our guide on how to correctly take photos of anomalies or defects.


- Handle the packages with extreme care: in case of large volumes or particularly heavy packages get the help of a second person.

- During the assembling follow the instructions: usually instructions are included inside the supply. For the more demanding steps get the help of a second person.

- Presence of anomalies during assembling: take photos of the anomaly before concluding the assembling, then contact the Customer Care to verify how to proceed.

- Always keep the original packages: at least up until you're done with the assembling process. In case of replacement it will be necessary to return the products in the original packages.


- In case you identify a possible anomaly, being a Manufacturing Defect or a Transport Damage, you must report it promptly to our Customer Care. Reports on the External Conditions of the Packages must be made the same day or the following morning; reports on the Condition of a Product, after the Opening of the Packages, must be made within 48 hours from the Unloading.

- These terms and times have been determined with the Customer's interest in mind and in order to assist you at best in case of a product anomaly, especially when it results difficult to verify whether an issues has to be attributed to the manufacturer, srl, the carrier or to you during the movement and assembling process of the parts, which are your responsibility. The terms concerning "hidden faults" remain valid according to the Consumers Code, for which customers have a 2-months time, from the discover of the anomaly, to report it to the Retailer (in these cases the Customer will have to send a photographic documentation and the possible return of the product will have to confirm that the defect is not a result of an "inappropriate use" from the Customer).

- Each Report must be made by sending an email with your order number, the description of what happened and a photographic documentation acquired during all the steps of the installation.

- In case of Product Return, commits itself to follow the present Procedure of Reception and Verification of the Products with the Customer's interests in mind.