Square Rugs

Square rugs: versatility and personality

A square rug can easily fit any space, especially a living room or bedroom, bringing out your personality, creating a cohesive look and matching colours and shapes of your furniture. Choose the model that best suits you from an exclusive collection of modern square rugs in different sizes and patterns.

  • Tappeto a righe in lino Cipro


    Starting from €1,487

    Cipro striped rug in linen and wool by HomePlaneur custom made in 7 colours and finished with an elegant applied edge.

Square rugs, solid colour or patterns

Modern square rugs can not only embellish a room but also revolutionise it, depending on their placement, colour or the contrast with the other pieces of furniture. Square rugs with patterns are often placed in the middle of the room, to bring a breath of fresh air and some colour to a monochromatic or minimalistic space. The minimalist charm of plain colour rugs will embellish mosaic flooring, floor tiles or printed ceramic.

Choosing the colour of your rug is the easiest way to customise and at the same time to bring elegance, sleekness and refinement to any room. A unique pattern can help to visually enlarge and to brighten a smaller, dim room. Available in smaller sizes, like 120x120 or 150x150 cm, or bigger models, like 200x200 or 300x300 cm.