Living/Sitting Room 11222

Living/sitting room 3D design with corner sofa, extending solid wood, double-sided TV stand.

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Design Living Room / Living Room 11222 of 31.01.2014

Customer's Request
I am 24 years old, I live alone and I often have friends back home. Having a large space inside the room I would like a table in solid extendable. I would prefer the sofa fabric with fixed seats and I wish it was spacious given the frequent presence of people. Elements already present would keep the electric heater. I'd rather have the colors with light colors such as white, brown or burgundy. For me it is important that the living room is not too full but still have to be present all the necessary furniture.
Comments of the interior
Among the various hypotheses dispositive dictated by the analysis of the environment, we chose to place the relaxation area near the entrance and the dining area in the wall opposite the door. The relaxation zone is constituted by a mobile TV comprising a lower part containment, and a higher per day, all in ivory lacquered. The front of the TV cabinet we placed a corner sofa fabric. With ample seating offers the ability to accommodate many people, providing the ultimate in comfort. To the side of the sofa we placed a table that acts as a comfortable support without being in space thanks to its small size. To make the most of the wall behind the couch, we have created a composition comprising open box mocha lacquered cabinets and shelves shaped lacquered ivory. The arrangement of furniture allows you to combine the presence of a corner sofa important and a proper dining table without this affecting sull'agevole and rational organization of pathways and spaces.
The dining area located next to the kitchen door, consists of an extendable table in solid oiled oak that can accommodate up to eight people after opening. In conjunction propose four chairs design icons of the past, with a modern twist thanks to the polypropylene material effects are normally SoftTouch coffee color.
To complete the dining area we have created a wall composition coordinated to the back of the couch. In windowed side space is the electric stove already in the possession of the customer. Fixed to the wall, is enhanced by the nutty nuances of the wall.

Proposed Furniture
- Low p.45 library Almond, 6
- High p.45 library Almond, 6
- Tresor Corner sofa
- Desktop Tower
- Beet modular wall cabinet
- Tailor-shelf modular Root
- Silkscreen MG George Eyston
- Homeland chair
- Nature extendable table

Additional Information