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Living room 3D Design with extending table, corner sofa with meridinene and low double-sided bookcase.

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Living Room Design 0855 - 17/04/2013

Customer's Request
I have a house in Croatia, still in construction, and I would like your help to furnish the living room. Our family is composed by 6 people for this reason we need an extending table large enough to host the whole family and possible guests. The area around the fireplace is dedicated to a corner sofa preferably with fabric cover. The floor is made of ivory coloured tiles whereas the walls come in beige colour, safe the one of the fireplace which is completely covered in stone. Doors and windows are white. I like warm and neutral colours like sand, hazelnut, grey and as wood I like oak.

The Interior Designer's Comments
The fireplace in the living room is the foucus element which helps identifying the different areas of the environment. The area close to the fire is suitable for seats where to rest and spend time chatting with friends and family.
The area dedicated to the meals is, in this case, the one closest to the entrance; the table has been placed perpendicular to the French windows. The decentralized position of these items, compared to the main access, does not stand in the way and allows to use all the space necessary to comfortably reach the other areas of the house. The table, rectangular and extending, can host up to 8 people once close and up to 10 when open. The top is made of oak wood whereas the legs, with a particular sabre shape, are made of matt black lacquer.
The matching chairs are completely covered in eco-leather, and their simple lines allow to enhance the shape of the table legs.
Both table and chairs are framed by a rectangular rug treated with an anti-stain process; thanks to its neutral tones it highlights the dark shapes of the furniture.

The position of the table and chairs in the middle of the room leaves space for empty walls, in this case next to the entrance. Here we placed a wooden sideboard with finishes matching the table. Its main characteristic is given by the "patchwork" like pattern created by the different wood types. Doors and drawers make it a wide piece useful to store tableware while using the top for a table lamp or decorative objects. It is possible to decorate the wall even more by adding a painting or a mirror.

The area next to the fireplace has been thought to welcome as many people as possible thanks to the wide corner sofa with meridienne. The cover is in fabric, completely removable, and includes on the left side a convenient built-in glass top. The brown colour used for the cover is perfectly coordinated with the other furniture items and the different shades of colours composing the stone.

Next to the sofa we added a floor lamp which, other than lighting the environment, it allows to use at best a corner hard ro reach for an armchair, since it's very close to the fireplace. An extra surface top is the coffee table placed in front of the sofa, compact for dimensions, it comes in white extra-clear glass finish. A rug, matching the one in the dining area for both shape and colour, covers the floor. On the left side of the fireplace there's a comfortable rocking armchair in white eco-leather, removable cover, with black curved metal structure.

The living room is completed by a TV back panel placed between the two French windows. This panel allows you to wall mount your TV and use at the same time the built-in shelf for possible DVD players or set-top boxes. This solution favours the view of the screen from every point of the corner sofa.

To divide the dining area from the resting one we placed a low double-sided bookcase. Its length, same as the one of the meridienne corner, gives you 12 open compartments and a completely customizable structure which can also be equipped with doors or drawers. Its finish is in clay matt lacquer, matched to the one of the TV back panel.

Suggested Furniture
- Ghost table
- Ginger chairs
- Best Seller rugs
- Naif sideboard
- Kitera table lamp
- Il mio giardino painting
- Star coat stand
- Tresor sofa
- Lucy foor lamp
- Bridge coffee table
- Camilla armchair
- TV back panel
- Aliant double-sided bookcase

Additional Information

Project Type
3D Design with Colours and Photorealistic Render