Living Room 5951

Living room 3D design with Almond bookcases, sofa with chaise longue and coffee table in curved glass.

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Design Living Room / Living Room 5951 of 12/07/2012:
Customer request

I'd like to decorate your living room / lounge with Almond libraries using them respectively as fitted wall (by placing my tv 32 "), books and container to compose the corner bar. Would like to have a lounge area with a sofa with chaise longue in leather and a coffee table with glass.
I already have a console extension to be placed at the entrance to be used as empty pockets.
The wall next to the stairs is designed to use a small sink. Here I would like to recreate a corner bar with two libraries: one is a double-sided containment and to act as a counter.
The libraries should not be completely lacquered. The structure would be white laminate (but not white light) or light wood such as interior doors. Doors and flaps, however, I would like the two-tone, are torn between black, mango and ocher. To avoid the gold.
The floor is marble Botticino creamy white and the walls are a shade of gray color with the angle more alive (open bar).
The exterior doors are made ​​of wood chestnut color and interior oak.

Comments of the interior designer

On specific customer requirements have been included in the series Almond libraries that perform different functions depending on their location.
In the relaxation area, adjacent to the front door is there is a linear bookcase that serves as a wall unit. The full customization by the customer, allowed to recreate a game of full and empty through the use of doors and compartments. The central part, consisting of three modules lower than those of the top side and complete, it becomes a base for television and decoder.
The finish of the structure is in white laminate wax end, from which stand two colors: mango and mocha colors that characterize the composition and that integrate well not only among themselves but also with the beige walls and cream-colored floor .

The front of the library we have included a two-seater sofa with chaise longue in leather gray. This solution was privileged than the angular given the presence of the door window at the side.

Among sofa and bookcase, there is a transparent curved glass coffee table that, given its small size does not ingobra and can be easily placed also on the side couch. The carpet that surrounds the relaxation area, calls through the play of colors and shapes, forms and colors of the library.

In the area opposite to the living room, as per customer's request, was placed a large library corner, whose alternating doors and compartments allows convenient storage of any object of daily use.
The Authority and the front door lies the corner bar. A library was placed on the wall to be able to store all the accessories and frontally, a library and lower sided acts as a container and comfortable support for snacks or appetizers with friends.

Proposed furniture - bookcases Almond - Attitude sofa - coffee table Steward - Carpet Burano 02

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