Living Room 631

Living Room 3D with wall system, table, sideboard and several design elements.

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Project Living Room / Living Room 631 of 29/11/2011:

Customer's request
In the living room we would like a table with a glass top in shades of ivory or white in the living room and a composition with built-in library. We would like to get advice on the colors of the walls and furniture, two-tone solutions would be nice also, but not with the color pink.

Comments Task Group of the interior designer
The room in question is spacious and bright and the presence of numerous windows and glass served as a starting point in the arrangement of the furniture. We have therefore chosen to divide the living area from the sitting area from the beginning fitted wall and the cupboard.

Once you have chosen the belief, we proceeded with the table, with glass top, identical to that of the belief and we have added the colorful chairs to add a touch of brightness. We have then combined with stools from the same collection.
A center of the room, where there is a small indentation, we have placed the chairs with chromed steel base and a chrome table always to hold one cup of coffee, a book, a pair of glasses etc..
These swivel chairs in the presence of guests, allowing you to enlarge the relaxation area without the need to move them, but making them simply rotate.
In this space, we put a round rug that echoes the shape of the table and the base of the chairs. The same rug rectangular gray was chosen for the living room, creating a contrast in color with the black floor.
Always in the living room, we have included a wall equipped, leaving the television in front of the couch and away from any reflections coming from the outside.
Moreover, the composition has a large library and large storage compartments, perfect for those who have space requirements. Finally, we have a library near the kitchen wall that adds a touch of originality to the room in which to store your best cookbooks.

As for the walls, the white would make the room a bit 'anonymous, and we have therefore chosen an intermediate color enhanced by white frames and baseboards.

Proposed Furniture
- Belief in May
- Omnia table
- L'Eau chairs
- L'Eau stools
- Armchairs Feel Me
- Table Frame
- Carpet Hamilton
- Library BookWorm
- Fitted wall Tech FS39

Additional Information

Project Type
3D Design with Colours and Photorealistic Render