Living Room 8426

Living Room 3D design with wall system, corner sofa, extending table with glass top and hide-leather chairs.

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Design Living Room / Living Room 8426 of 24/04/2013

Customer request
I would like to decorate my living room with a modern style, the walls are painted with soft colors and the floor is ceramic clear. In the part where I took the tv I'd like a fitted wall light combined with a corner sofa or peninsula. I also have the need for a dining table, preferably extending to settle near the kitchen. In this area I would like a low dresser on which to place pots or paintings. The windows and door are currently no curtains, I'd love those packets so that might impede the view even if partially closed. For colors to use I would say to focus on ivory, hazelnut or coffee, while I would avoid the purple that just do not like.

Comments of the interior designer
The large living room is characterized by two important columns that divide ideally space: on the one hand, the TV area and dining area on the other. In the TV there's a big corner sofa in beige stain-resistant fabric, in this case, the version with terminal meridienne. Being turned towards the center of the room, thanks to the absence of the armrest, the terminal does not "closes" the composition, offend the possibility of a comfortable seat facing the tv. The carpet thanks to the yarns that make up is ideal in areas of greater illumination than in those in the shade as effects-laden "light / dark" according to the different arrangement of the fibers, in addition to his corner rounding allows you to cross the 'environment to go outside, being run over. The two glass coffee tables offer the possibility to put down their magazines or books at a time dedicated to reading, while remaining discreet thanks to the transparency of their structure even when not in use.
The wall unit which houses the TV, consists of three baskets in support with alternating compartments and sealed to the wall. The part in day can be used as a library, while the two closed containers are to integrate the already large part contenitiva ground. The finishes are of the light colors such as eco wood and matt sahara sand, in combination with the colors of the wall and floor reference.
Facing corner sofa, armchair Barcelona becomes the protagonist of the environment is an icon enjoyable from every perspective, front and side.
The dining area, located adjacent to the kitchen, is characterized by the uniqueness of the extension table legs crossed. These are even more highlighted thanks to the transparent plane that also allows the view once you get close to the table. The choices chairs, upholstered in leather, are comfortable (thanks to light polyurethane) and very practical in the periodic cleaning. The proposed composition with six chairs, can be complemented by six other folding to use once fully extended the table. Coordinated with the carpet of the TV area, has been included here to the same pattern. Its rounded corner allows a smooth transition to the outside without being trampled when not in use the dining table. This area is complemented by a belief to be able to cram dishes and accessories to decorate the table at lunch or dinner with friends, it resumes in the finishes of the structure of fitted wall and the day room is available in a darker tone to highlight more firmly.
In the middle of the room were placed floor lamps and table lamps, while the ceiling are located above the dining table. This allows for balanced illumination of the environment and in the evening on days that dimly lit, also belonging to the same series, the three types are perfectly coordinated. For the three fixed windows and the door next to the staircase recommend a system of blinds that go to graft directly onto the frame of the windows. For the door window instead, having the need to open up, we have planned a four-way track with the panel curtains. In the choice of material and color of the curtains is important to consider that they should not be too heavy and consistency of a light color so as to maintain the parts of the stay bright even more distant from the openings.

Proposed Furniture
- Fitted wall BeFree
- Sofa Muttley
- Coffee table Bridge
- Carpet Versailles
- Lamp Sibilla
- Artistic Extendable table
- Chair Linda
- Belief Start

Additional Information