10722 Open Space

Open Space 3D design with walk-in closet with poles, round bed, double-sided bookcase, swivel TV stand.

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Designing Open Space 10722 of 06.11.2013

Customer request
I live alone and I have an attic environment that I would like to use as a bedroom and living room. For the bedroom I'd like a solution that provides a round bed with bedside tables and a wardrobe. With regard to the relaxation area are open to any case can accommodate several people and as long as there is a large screen TV. The style I prefer is minimal and design. The actual flooring will be replaced with a light gray floors and the walls are white or possibly be painted with a light color. As for the finishes prefer the combinations of wood with lacquered details, I love the warm colors that is neutral tones like black, white and gray.

Comments of the interior

In an open space on the top floor is advisable to locate the spaces intended for different uses, through the use of furniture arranged in such a way as to ensure full accessibility despite the particular shape of the roof. The area occupied by a spiral staircase from the large picture window and was used as a relaxation area, as it has a good natural lighting ideal for a study area, while the space of the bedroom has been designed away from the access point preferring a larger scale collection.

Between living and sleeping areas we placed two libraries in two-sided two-tone finish and white mango. Roomy and customizable through the use of doors and drawers make it possible to delimit the space without realizing masonry.

Their layout has been designed in such a way as to ensure the transition to coincide with the central pillar, the volume of which creates two separate entrances that lead respectively to the bed and the wardrobe.

To the right of the column we have placed the round bed with headboard. Covered in faux leather gray is complemented by a coffee table that becomes comfortable support for a lamp or small objects. To the left of the pillar instead we have designed a walk-in closet angular poles completely customizable for size, pattern and auxiliary equipment. Perfect for attic rooms allows you to create compositions "to climb." The absence of doors and accordingly the machining of measurement in this case allow to significantly reduce the production costs.

Completing the sleeping one full-length mirror in a modern and sophisticated and the screen which offers additional privacy by limiting the view from the bed to the closet.

In the relaxation area we have placed the sofa with a chaise longue in gray faux leather, the back of which adheres to the double-sided bookcase. Handy for his jacket and comfortable for its size, it allows you to welcome friends and enjoy moments of relaxation in the company. Front of it there is a swivel TV stand from minimal structure with black glass door cd and dvd. Its distance from the sofa offers a good view of the screen and its adjustability to 360 ° allows viewing from anywhere in the room. Two ottomans complete the two-tone microfiber bag relaxation area. Placed in front of the window are two additions are always useful, possibly move near the sofa in the event of guests.
Complete relaxation area a desk placed next to the staircase. Its positioning allows for easy use, in contrast to a hypothetical link-up to one of the walls in view of the insufficient height of the ceiling. The desk stand is to support the original and refined taste in tagliosega gray finish.

Proposed Furniture


Bed Record

Libraries bifacial p.32-Almond, 8



-Woody Writing desk



Additional Information

Project Type
3D Design with Colours and Photorealistic Render