3064 Open Space

Open Space 3064 3D design with home-office corner, linear kitchen and double-sided sideboard.

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Designing Open Space 3064 of 03/06/2011:

Customer request:
I would like a winning idea to make the best use of space in my open space.
The environment must not give the impression of bringing together two distinct parts, but the whole should be harmonious while understanding different functions.
In the kitchen area I'd get over to the table also a part with a high counter with stools.
In the living room as well as a large library should also have a place a corner home office where there will be private lessons.
I would avoid the white color, while I'd like a solution two-tone red and gray.

Comments of the interior designer:
Considering the height of a part of the open space and layout of the facilities in the wall front door, we favored a linear solution where there are all the main components of the kitchen. According to the preferences the oven has been added to the column, while the refrigerator is not intended for freestanding does not alter the continuity of the composition.
The choice of using the wall units with 92 cm height is proportionate to the room and offers good storage capacity, while the combination of two-tone lacquer finish brightens and revitalizes the environment with accents of red.
In order to enhance the verticality there is a plasterboard structure which, by hosting the spotlights, to illuminate properly the top otherwise dark environment, also in the inner part of the structure is possible to pass the exhaust duct of the steam hood a better aesthetic result.
The work plan of the kitchen in light oak, as the table allungabil and integrates well with the two species already present in the environment.
The choice of chairs was born from the need to have an item that you could coordinate with the metal elements of the kitchen, and that might be discreet but elegant at the same time.

Continuing towards the wall of the entrance door, in continuity with the finishes of the kitchen, there is the library: alternating compartments day of closed spaces combined with the need to have containment in place of the shelves where books and objects of daily use .
To define the space of the kitchen area is located sided a belief that can be used as a storage unit that as a TV stand. The choice of belief allows those who are accommodated on the sofa to have an excellent view of the screen and at the same time guarantees a clear view on the kitchen area.
The same result would not have been possible by placing a high floor with stools which in fact would constitute a visual barrier not allowing also a correct positioning of the TV.

The sofa with backrest consists of a lacquered panel and armrest library, is ideal as a centerpiece solution and provides excellent perspective to those who enter the front door window of the terrace.

The lower part of the open space is adequately exploited thanks to the inclusion of two libraries coordinates to that found in the kitchen area.
On the wall opposite the entrance, is placed the desk, thanks to its distinctive design, and complement both finishes and for materials other furnishings of the environment, makes the most of the space at his disposal. At the bottom you can in fact provide for the insertion of a chest of drawers or additional space can be occupied by the ottoman when not in use.
Just a pouf can be an ideal solution in such cases where an additional seat is required sometimes in the space home office and in other cases by the couch.

Proposed Furnishing:
- Play library
- Yang sofa
- Belief Plan
- Modern table
- Chair Yoga
- Desk Plan
- Diva chair GR
- Pouf Square

Additional Information

Project Type
3D Design with Colours and Photorealistic Render