3097 Open Space

Open Space 3097 3D design with fireplace, kitchen with island and chaise longue.

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Designing Open Space 3097 of 10/06/2011:

Customer request:
The house is still raw but I already have an idea of how it could be my Open Space.
The floor will be all in light wood floors and the walls I would like the white. The furniture should be modern but warm colors and also would prefer that the kitchen was mainly in light wood with stone top.
In the family there are four people, therefore, in addition to an extension table the kitchen should have a peninsula
help in managing the diverse needs of all. I'd like to have a sofa with peninsula and a library that had also closed compartments, also in the wall that I have pointed out, it is planned to build a fireplace.
For the furniture rule out the white because I think it's too cold while you might expect a color accent.

Comments of the interior designer:
Given the position of the input housing, the kitchen area is placed primarily on the wall opposite the door, this allows you to go through before the living area and then get to the kitchen only at a later time.
The arrangement of the kitchen is the concentration of most of the functions in line along the wall, leaving only the oven subplane in the peninsula with the plane snack. The refrigerator is placed in the part closest to the door window, so that it can be accessed without passing where are concentrated appliances undercounter, then proceeds by finding convenient shelves in both sides of the cooking area and the sink.
A difference of a solution to "T" with the central peninsula, the available choice makes easier the transition between the various functions of the kitchen, not hindering the movement from one part of the composition.
The use of natural oak combined with a glossy lacquered sahara allows you to bring out the kitchen even in the Open Space that would be more in shadow, while the gray stone floor creates a pleasant contrast with the parquet is clear that with the other finishes of the composition.

Close to the wall with the two French windows, is placed a round extendable table with glass top lacquered, its shape (no sharp edges and then a verse) makes it even more protagonist of space and is ideal for conversation and for the "being together" as everything is at your fingertips all the diners being equidistant from the center.
Chairs and stools with fabric seat and chromed metal frame are practical and stylish coordinating very well with chrome legs of the table.

In the wall opposite the door windows, partly by exploiting a niche already, are inserted terracotta gloss lacquer shelves, which can be used both as a library and as a useful support for objects of daily use.
Then we find the fireplace that is placed in such a way as to leave the right space at the side of the sofa, this provision thus allows to exploit them both: the fireplace, with a practical large basket at the base, is coordinated to the floor of the kitchen area with a bezel stone and a sofa in gray fabric recalls the chrome table and chairs by his stand is positioned along the outer contour of the arms that the backrest.

Creating a small plasterboard structure with the same inclination of the wall of the sofa, thanks to a TV stand support it offers the opportunity to have an optimal viewing screen and at the same time those who enter in the Open Space is hit by a large and bright.
This same effect could not be obtained by placing a movable parallel to the chimney wall or retaining wall that created the small room as you enter, because incorporating this space to the living room creates a library with side panels and shelves matt and gloss lacquered fronts visible from who has sat down on the couch and the entrance area becomes brighter thanks to the light that can now walk through the door window.

The living area is complemented by the inclusion of a chaise longue swivel fabric that, unlike a classical armchair, allows it to be oriented both towards the chimney at the TV, this also allows you to be transformed into a chair with a simple movement of its terminal part. As accessories have been included also a round rug as a form reminiscent of the changing table, and a table with elliptical transparent top and chrome base, useful as a support for those who find themselves on the couch.

NB: The sockets (electricity and gas) positioned under the sink must be maintained as close as possible to the exhaust so as to allow the proper use of the drums of the base.

Proposed Furnishing:
- Baron Extendable Table
- Air High chair
- Air stool
- Play library
- Shelf Plan
- Plan Wide TV stand
- Sofa Skyline
- Chaise longue Dragonfly
- Land table
- Carpet Hamilton
- Hangers Button

Additional Information

Project Type
3D Design with Colours and Photorealistic Render