Send Your Photos

Send Your Photos

- Send us the photos of the purchases you made on they will help other customers to improve their environments.

- Take your pictures and send them to [email protected] with the indication of your Order Number (or, as an alternative, with the name and surname of the order).

- The gathered images will be selected by our Product Managers and possibly published.

- For each published product or set of products you will receive a Store Credit coupon equivalent to € 20,00 for your purchases on


Subject. Find the best framing to picture the product, possibly highlighting also its interesting details, this will increase the chance for your photos to be picked up; if you can gather more products inside a single photo, this could be published in several product cards and, in this case, you will receive more Store Credit coupons of € 20,00. Please check also that your main subject is perfectly in focus.

Lighting. Take your photo with the highest amount of light that you have at disposal; always avoid the flash light, otherwise the photo will end up depicting cold and less saturated colours.

Resolution. We don't have strict requirements about this, but please keep in mind that a photo with a good resolution could have a better chance to be picked up.