Studio Flat 5388

Studio Flat 3D design with kitchen, wardrobe and living with sofa-bed. Environments separated by a double-sided bookcase.

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Design Studio Furniture 5388 of 10/04/2012:

Customer's request
I would like to renew the decor of my studio, making it more modern but with a twist. I'd like to separate the rooms without clearly divide the space, perhaps with a low unit type belief. I often have guests and friends at home so it would be ideal to have a small dining area with extendable table. Especially I wish to become a living area livable despite the limited space of the studio, so I'd have a sofa bed and a wall equipped for television and thus have a complete furniture for my studio.

Comments of the interior designer
To furnish a studio study is needed taken care of the furniture and spaces. For this studio we chose a transformable furniture, to make sure that every room has a configuration interchangeable depending on the uses and the time of day. We chose to design the decor of the studio relying on two key concepts: functionality and originality, as required by the customer. The originality of an environment always depends on the individual personal tastes, this studio we have focused on a modern furniture that we wanted to give it a vintage feel through some selected elements. To furnish with taste a studio is crucial to make practical choices, comfortable and stylish at the same time.

At the entrance we find the dining area, which has been inserted a hidden kitchen. This choice was driven by the need to furnish a small space with a low ceiling, not to miss anything: in fact the kitchen is complete with column oven, fridge and dishwasher. When you have guests in your home kitchen can be hidden by closing the folding doors, thus maintaining a sleek and tidy. The glossy white lacquer illuminates the darkest corner of the studio. Matched to the color of the kitchen, the extension table can accommodate up to eight people. The chairs with sled base choices for the table resemble the shapes of the 70s, with tubular chromed metal and polycarbonate seat.

The front door mirror gives depth to the room giving the illusion of a larger room. In addition, being right in front of the main window, plenty of natural light illuminating the surrounding environment, a trick always helpful when you decorate a studio apartment or a small room.
Beside the door is placed the 'door wardrobe with a terminal library, which in addition to providing a useful complement matches the red carpet chosen for the living. Starting from the existing wood floor in the living room we created a play of colors and textures: the carpet revisits the imagination of the ancient Persian carpets, approached the green leather sofa bed creates a contrast of bright colors but relaxing. As required by the customer the living area is transformed into a sleeping area in a few easy steps, giving the living room look elegant, livable and accessible from the guests when necessary: ​​a necessary feature in order to live well in their home, even if small.

Furnish a studio requires above all an intelligent arrangement of furniture, also thinking about how to balance shapes, materials and sizes.
For sake of simplicity the space of the living room we opted for a design with a vintage dresser with tall legs flared that emphasize the lightness of the furniture. Characterized by the asymmetrical arrangement of the handles in the shape of dice, the belief gives a unique touch to the environment. To emphasize the shapes young, inconsistent and fun of the TV cupboard door, we see a lamp in chromed steel shaped gramophone, which also proposes the mirrored surface of the front door. The finish walnut has also been chosen for the modular double-sided bookcase, placed in such a way as to separate kitchen and living room without creating a detachment decided that it would close the environment. The library is in fact made up of modular rooms that can be arranged at the discretion of the user to create original compositions informal.

Proposed Furnishing:
- Kitchenette with refrigerator column and column oven Monobloc
- Jesse extendable table
- Chairs with sled base Astroboy
- Wall clock Modular Puzzle
- Wardrobe with hinged terminal Player library
- Library rooms with free standing modular Pecker
- Parker sofa bed
- Belief Nut design
- Lamp in chromed steel Vertigo