Why we don't do limited time offers

Sales, one-time only offers, end of stock clearance, Black Friday, Cyber Monday...

In the furniture industry you can find limited time offers and promotions almost every day of the year, especially with holidays and festivities approaching.
Many furniture manufacturers experience a good sales result from these promotions; but come on that's normal, if the offer is JUST FOR NOW, it would be a pity not to take advantage of it... too bad that the "just for now" keeps coming back the week after... and the week after that...

Promotions have been created to transmit the illusion of saving money. Everything is based on the fact that if a customer "thinks" he is getting a good deal, it is more likely he will purchase that very day.

For the past few years now, we have been receiving requests such as "do you have special offers for Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Sales?"
Responding negatively to such a question means giving u "no" to this question means foregoing sales, and this brings us to the next question.

Why there are no limited time offers on diotti.com?


Transparent prices and information are one of diotti.com main key values. Our pricing policy is based on a very simple concept: "each customer must pay the same price for the same product or service".

When customers pay different prices for the same product, it can only mean that there are people paying for the promotions of others. Although it is true that in some specific fields, promotions make sense, for example in the fashion industry...

diotti.com sells furniture, which is a completely different type of good: we regularly propose the same range of products (constantly working to improve it) which are highly customisable and bespoke, thus we do not have "stocks" of any sort.

If we started making limited time offers, it would simply be to increase immediate sales... we prefer to work daily to increase our sales while at the same time keeping well in mind the key values of our brand.


Whether you purchase online and benefit from our customer care by telephone or email, or you come meet us in our Showroom, we like to create an empathic bond with our customers and we always try to put ourselves in their shoes.

How would you feel if you purchase a furniture piece and then find out that the same item the week after "costs less just for today"?

How would you feel if you need a new bed in October, but you know that if you wait up until November "there might be a promotion"?

How would you feel if a friend of yours bought a sofa for 2,000 euro and you paid 2,200 euro for the same model?

How would you feel, if a salesperson finally convinces you to take advantage of a limited time offer, to find out soon after that the offer is valid every week of the year?


We believe that there is a better way of selling products without having to chase customers with "special offers" or expiration dates: we simply do not make time limited promotions!

Every customer pays the same price, 365 days a year: we constantly work to offer highly customisable furniture solutions, all manufactured in specific production districts (mainly Brianza district in Lombardia and between Treviso and Pordenone in Veneto-Friuli region) and which we propose at the right price ("competitive and accessible" for our customers but also "well balanced" to guarantee stability and reliability through the years).

Each item inside the Basket has its own Discount, which depends on the collection and country of destination.

Only few of our customers ask for an extra discount... thanks to the fact that our system is clear and effective and is able to convey the fairness of our prices; when someone asks for an extra discount (a fair question, we ask that too when we are about to purchase long lasting important products), the explanation of our values and how we work is always well received and appreciated.

In diotti.com we prefer to work on our values:
transparent and convenient purchases at the right price, always.

Enjoy your choice,
Andrea Diotti