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Ideas and suggestions to furnish a two-tone kitchen with recess grip, free-standing fridge, induction hob, built-in sink, table and sofa.


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Kitchen Project 002

Customer Request
I need your help to design my kitchen, please take into consideration the fact that I would like to make the best use of all the space I have at disposal to get a spacious yet fully equipped layout. The appliances I want are: dishwasher, column with oven and microwave, induction hob cooker, built-in sink (preferably with two bowls) and free-standing fridge. In the middle of the room I would like to have a table and chairs, I trust you with the choice of a model. The environment comes with a recessed wall where I would like to place a sofa and also find the right place for a 40 inches TV which I already own. As far as style and finishes are concerned I would like a modern kitchen with clean and sleek lines, colour-wise my idea is to have coloured details (I prefer warm tones). The lighting system is made up of led bars with a diffused light. 

The Interior Designer's Dossier
The kitchen has been designed with an L-shaped layout which develops on the two free walls, using the whole space at disposal. We have studied a layout able to guarantee the integration of all the requested appliances in order to get a practical and a the same time aesthetically pleasant solution.

Starting from the corner on the left side of the window we added a free-standing fridge with an open shelving above, specifically designed to be used in two ways: as a storage solution with side open compartments and as a support for the TV. We then find a two-bowls sink close to the window but a little off-centre in order to get all the natural light coming from there, while at the same time guarantee a convenient and complete opening of the doors. After that we find a dishwasher and a series of elements equipped with doors and drawers / baskets. The layout ends with a cooking area equipped with an induction hob and a column with built-in oven/microwave. A series of wall units and hinged doors run along the whole length of the other wall.
The kitchen comes with sleek lines and a matt white neutral finish chosen for floor cabinets, top and splash-back, enriched with a lively bright colour such as ochre which characterised the upper recess grip of the cabinets.
In the middle of the room there's a round table which fills the space perfectly, the dining table comes with 4 chairs matching the colour of the kitchen.
In the recess wall in front of the TV we placed a linear sofa and we decorated the wall behind with some wall paper picturing a "maiolica" pattern.
The kitchen is right next to the dining area; in order to keep the visual between the two environments we kept the hood element and the kitchen table are lined up with the main entrance and the living room table.

Chosen Furniture
- kitchen: Sistema 901 Up
- dining table: Saarinen
- chairs: Milano

Note: the product cards of the furniture used in this project can be visited by going at the bottom side of the page. Some furniture pieces might be out of production: you can find in our catalogue valid alternatives.

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