1495 Living Room

A living room with linear sofas and an armchair with footrest by HomePlaneur, wall mounted design bookcase and a floor standing one, fixed console table with ottomans.

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1495 Living Room Design Project
I would like to change the furniture of my living room, if possible I would keep the current layout of the sofas (just like the photos I sent you) by leaving some free space behind the sofa for the passage. I'd like to have two three-seater linear sofas, an armchair with footrest and a coffee table. I have a 65 inches TV I'd like to match with a wall unit system with bookcase.
Can you please suggest some decorative elements such as shelves (we have a lot of photos!), paintings and rugs?
I prefer colours like ivory, purple and coffee and for the furniture I'd like to have some two-coloured finishes, wood and lacquer.
We have carpet floor which we would like to maintain, walls have a neutral colours and window fixtures are white and wooden.

The Interior Designer's Comments
The current layout of the living room is characterised by sofas placed in a U-shaped position looking towards the wall units. However this position leaves little space on the sides making the passage from an area to the other a bit inconvenient.
In order to match the customer's request to have comfortable three-seater sofas with a much more convenient passage towards the back of the sofa, we suggest to place two sofas in an L-shaped layout, as shown in the image, putting one against the wall. As an extra seat we added an armchair with matching footrest under the window. Its concealed position creates a pleasant corner where to read (from where it is possible to receive direct sunlight) and at the same time allows an excellent view of the TV. The sofas are covered in a two-coloured fabric, rope and coffee, whereas the other seats are entirely in coffee colour.

Behind the sofa there's the place for a fixed console table which serves as a convenient surface for pictures and decorative objects. To use at best the space at disposal, we placed two ottomans under the console table that can be used when needed, as seat or as footrest. The wall system is composed by a series of interesting customisable pieces, such as the two swivel wall mounted bookcases (one is a CD holder and the other a book shelf); these elements enrich the composition giving at the same time a personal touch. The two wooden cabinets work as a support for the TV as well as storage for DVDs, set top boxes and so on... We've chosen to put different smaller elements throughout the living room, all working as bookcases, instead of a single bulky element.
We're talking about the floor standing bookcase and the coffee table which is able to contain books and other different items as well as wall mounted boxes. The wall on the back of the sofa has been decorated thanks to a combination of shelves and paintings creating a pleasant game of shapes and colours, without getting in the middle of the passageway thanks to their reduced depth of the elements used. The tones of the environment go from neutral colours like white and rope to more peculiar ones like the purple, which can be found in the rug and in the back panel of the shelves.

Added Furniture
- Everet sofa
- Amber armchair
- Topazio footrest
- Alma console table
- Plan TV stand
- Lodge bookcase
- Totem bookcase
- Copenaghen coffee table
- Cherie ottoman
- Glassbox sheves
- Coimbra rug
- Gura lamp

Additional Information

Project Type
3D Design with Colours and Photorealistic Render

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