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Senator by Cattelan is a 4-metre art glass table with a double base and a decorated glass top. It is also available round and up to 220 cm wide.

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Senator, the 4-metre art glass table by Cattelan, has a large glass top decorated with a print simulating marble, available in two colours, Cotopaxi and Orobico, the latter being darker. The base consists of two elements, spaced apart, with an outline that links their shapes. Both also have a profile that facilitates seating and rounded edges to promote ergonomics. They are made of embossed metal and are available in titanium and bronze finishes. 
The top measures 400 cm in width and has an irregular plan that emphasises the sophistication of the furniture, while its imosing dimensions make it ideal for furnishing large spaces such as meeting rooms. The round models are offered with a top in precious Ker-Wood, with a central stone-effect ceramic insert. 

Glass top decorated with an artistic print simulating marble
Artistic print available in two colours, in light or dark shades
400 cm Wide top with bevelled edge
Double base with two shaped embossed metal elements for improved comfort
Round models with wooden top in canaletto walnut, burnt oak, or with Keramik inserts with a width of 180 or 220 cm 
Round tops also available with swivel mechanism

- cm Ø 180 h.74 / 75 and cm Ø 220 h.75
- cm 400 d.150 h.75
top thickness:
- cm 1,2 glass
- cm 4 wood with Keramik stone inserts
total base width:
- wood cm 110 / cm 121 
- glass cm 181

Material and Finishes
- wood
- Crystalart moulded glass
- embossed metal
- (model with glass top) consisting of two embossed metal elements

Assembly information
It takes six people simultaneously to position the top on the plinth.

Technical study

Models and Measurements Specifications
Ker-Wood top thickness: cm 4 (of which 0.6 cm ceramic insert, 0.5 cn for Keramik KM07 Marble Portoro Matte stone insert and Keramik KM08 Marble Portoro Glossy Stone insert). with black chrome details. The diameters of the Keramic insert are: 
- for the top Ø 180 cm: Ø 118 cm (fixed) / Ø 98 cm (rotating)
- for the top Ø 220 cm: Ø 158 cm (fixed) / Ø 158 cm (rotating)
Rotating insert: a ball bearing is fixed inside the top, which allows the central ceramic insert to rotate. Rotation is manual.

Keramik Stone: Keramik stone tops are made of a special stone-effect ceramic that picks up on the natural shades of the stone. The underside of the top is made of transparent bevelled glass, which is black after the bonding process.
When cleaning the top, it is recommended not to use steam machines or abrasive products. We recommend the use of mild liquid detergents, which should be removed with a wet sponge. In the case of stains or marks, it is recommended to rub the top with a solution of bicarbonate and water, which should be left to act for a few minutes and then wiped off with a wet sponge. Since it is a porous natural material, it is important to remove the dirt immediately to prevent substances from penetrating the top.

CrystalArt: this is an extra-clear tempered and bevelled glass, enriched by a graphic printed on the underside of the glass during the tempering process. The design is always the same (depending on the chosen finish), but the effect changes depending on the size of the top.
Maintenance: Under no circumstances should sharp metal tools or abrasive cloths be used to remove any dirt residue from the surface of the product, as this can damage the surface itself. Do not use detergents containing chlorine, hydrocloric acid, muriatic acid or anti-limescale products, as they would alter the shine of the product.

Bevelling: this is a process carried out on mirrors, glass and crystal in order to finish them and round off the edges; this process creates a perimeter band with a width varying from 10 to 40 mm and with an angle of less than the standard 90° (generally 7°). This is a very delicate and precious process that is carried out on highly valuable mirrors and tops.

Additional Information

Paolo Cattelan
Area of Production
Assembling Instructions
Download the assembly-instructions
Seat Number
The seats schemes show the maximum seat number: the actual number depends on the seat width. The Customer Care staff is at your disposal for further information.
Number of Packages
Cubic Metres
1 / 1,53 m³
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Partner Factory

This item is the result of the great creative energy of Cattelan Italia, a company from Veneto region, founded in 1979. The initial manufacturing focused on small marble furniture accessories and tables designed for the foreign market. In the 80s the interest of the national market for these refined products increases, encouraging the company to widen its offer of dining tables, chairs, bookcases and accessories for sitting and living rooms.

The house is the symbol of the things most dear to you – Giorgio Cattelan loves to say – a world were you are surrounded by items comforting in both shape and essence. Because for me what is beautiful has to be functional too”. For more than thirty years this brand furnishes both modern and classic houses, while constantly widening the offered items. In 2011 Cattelan assimilate ARKETIPO, a renown company from Florence famous all over the world for the production of design upholstered items.

The company is today present in more than 150 countries worldwide. Cattelan Italia attends every year to national and international furniture fairs, such as Milan's International Furniture Fair, Cologne IMM Expo, the Maison et Objet in Paris.

Their headquarters is developed on 33.000 square metres, a breeding ground of creative minds collaborating with renowned architects and designers.


Cattelan: modern furniture

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