Bedroom 1588

Bedroom 3D design with suspended bed, integrated nightstands and wardrobe with sliding doors.

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Design Bedroom 1588 of 24/09/2010:

Customer's request
I'd like to have a hanging bed with integrated bedside tables and container, to maximize the space you have available. About the floor and light walls would like a dark wood finish ebony if possible.
The room should include a walk-in closet or a cabinet with doors, and a space dedicated to the television.
For these furnishings would say to keep a light color, maybe white or hazel.

Comments of the interior designer
The arrangement of furniture combines the need to have the storage space while preserving the viability internal environment.
Entering the room, the view remains free, the suspended bed is the protagonist of the composition for its centrality: Dark Oak finish creates a pleasant contrast with the light color of the floor and walls. The bedside tables integrated into the headboard allow you to have the convenience of a shelf / container bed side while remaining compact without wasting space. To handle the symmetrical composition of the woodwork, are inserted shelves secured to the headboard that can be attached either horizontally or vertically.

In front of the bed are the dresser with drawers in high gloss clay which also provides support for TV. Its small size made it possible to insert a full-length mirror before the door: the frame in Dark Brown leather matches the color of the bed, while the support of the wall allows you to have before him the space needed for comfortable use .

The niche of the south wall has been used to place the 'sliding wardrobe: glossy lacquered Clay to oppose the light color of the walls, is to develop employable for the entire volume so as to provide maximum storage capacity. Its sliding doors are the only possible solution to this spatial distribution because you can combine both the bed side tables, rather than one.

Proposed Furniture
- Read Genius
- Cabinet Mixer
- Dresser Line
- Mirror Photo

Additional Information

Project Type
3D Design with Colours and Photorealistic Render