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Bedroom Design 0855 - 18/04/2014

Customer's Request
I have a bedroom with slanting ceiling which has to be furnished. I need a big bed with a storage box coming in an eco-leather cover. I would like also a writing desk, a dresser and possibly a space in which I can put the TV. Inside the bedroom there is also a room designed for a walk-in closet, for this reason I would like to add a piece of furniture without doors inside. All the walls are coloured in pale green, the floor is covered in tobacco parquet, whereas doors and windows are in white pvc. I would prefer a modern style, with squared lines and colours such as ivory, coffee or grey.

The Interior Designer's Comments
The bed has been placed along the front wall of the hallway, as this is the only wall which is arranged for the electric systems and wide enough.
The chosen bed, a super king size model, is equipped with an eco-leather storage box and fabric cushions, both coming in a sand colour, a light shade which makes the upholstered bed stand out on the wooden floor. Even with their narrow width measurements, the side nightstands are equipped with two drawers and their rope matt lacquering is a suitable match for the shades chosen for the bed. The lamps themselves have a storage function and they can be used also to recharge electronic devices.

Coming to the right of the bed a writing desk with essential and modern lines has been placed, which can be used as pc stand or possibly as a dressing table, if completed with a wall mirror.
Its hanging structure represents a good solution to save space, thus avoiding useless encumbrances derived from having a legged structure. Enriched by a glossy canvas glass top and a bronze structure, this desk matches suitably the other items, as well as the walls and the floor.

An adjustable TV stand panel has been placed between the bathroom and the hallway door. In this case a hanging element has to be preferred, as a floor standing storage cabinet would block the passage through the bed. The TV stand panel can be adjusted and pulled out up to 50 cm, taking a minimum thickness when closed.
Its matt brown finish has been chosen to match the one of the writing desk.

The room next to the bedroom has been equipped with a walk-in closet with rods.
The horseshoe-shaped composition includes a set of shelves, which can be placed at the desired height, and one chest of drawers on casters. This walk-in closet suits finely rooms with slanting ceilings, just like the one of the customer, as the height of the rods can be customized to create also scalar compositions. All the rods come in an aluminium finish, whereas the shelves and the chest of drawers are in a white melamine finish; a neutral colour which gives brightness to a room with narrow measurements.
Inside the walk-in closet a full height mirror, enriched by a gold patinated leaf frame, has been added.

Suggested Furniture
- Marianne bed
- Slim nightstands
- Joyo lamps
- Kosmos writing desk
- Segment mirror
- Move stool
- Barche painting
- Logic TV stand panel
- Byron walk-in closet
- Inca mirror

Additional Information

Project Type
3D Design with Colours and Photorealistic Render

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