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Modern table with crossed legs and wooden inlays and available in rectangular or curved shapes with uneven solid wood edges.

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Blade table with crossed legs and wooden inlays; Blade offers a transparent, lacquered and hammered glass top in porcelain stoneware, marble or solid wood with uneven edges. Rectangular or curved, Blade is a true protagonist for the living area, ideal in spacious and modern dining rooms. The woven metal base can be enhanced by accurate veneer wood inlays.

Rectangular living room table, curved or with uneven edges 
Table top available in glass, porcelain stoneware, marble or walnut, oak and ashwood
Crossed leg base with veneer wood inlay 
High quality materials used for table top and comes in a variety of thicknesses

Height: cm 75 (common for all models)
Top thickness::
- Glass: mm 12 (mm 10 Clear Bronze / mm 15 Extra Clear Bevelling )
- Porcelain: mm 16 (50 mm rounded edge with wooden frame)
- Marble: mm 20
- Wood: mm 40

Materials and Finishes
- Glass
- Wood
- Porcelain / Marble 
- Lacquered Metal 
Base Inlay:
- Wood

Technical study

Material Specifications
Marble: elegant and refined stone marble, characterised by open veins that sometimes may present some resin based speckles that create a uniform and smooth surface so that the top comes with no irregularities, granting additional structural resistance. Because it is a natural stone that is sometimes more than a million years old, the surface cannot be defined as 'perfect'; each piece is different from the next, depending on the cutting and polishing process. It may have natural micro imperfections, a characteristic of marble and not due to defects. Marble tops are naturally porous: any protective polyester treatment hides this porosity to the touch, leaving all the natural features of the stone visible.

Table Top in Glass: tempered glass is used in accordance with UNI standards. After being heated to a high temperature, the glass is abruptly cooled in order to obtain glass with high internal tensions, which becomes resistant to bending and thermal shock. To guarantee higher quality, the glass is also checked one by one using a high-precision digital scanner.
Table Top in Hammered Glass: this is obtained by processing the sheet in a melting furnace (also known as 'fired glass'). The sheet that has already been shaped is actually heated and left to cool: as it cools, the glass 'relaxes', obtaining the unusual texture: the effect that results is a wavy surface that resembles wrought iron, rich and textured both to the eye and touch, which gives a charming play of light, shadows and reflections.
Table Top in Porcelain Stoneware: consists of a combination of a 10 mm thick lower sheet of glass and a 6 mm thick upper sheet of ceramic. Porcelain stoneware is a compact, frost-proof material, i.e. resistant to frost and chemical damage. On the outside, the most valuable features of the material are the variations in colour, veining and slight speckling: these are deliberate changes in order to recreate the unusual beauty of natural materials.
Table Top in Wood: is made from real veneer or solid wood elements. In order to achieve an aesthetic effect of great value and design, only the best parts are used.

Additional Information

Pierluigi Stella
Area of Production
Easy Assembling
Technical Schemes
Download the Technical Information
Seat Number
The seats schemes show the maximum seat number: the actual number depends on the seat width. The Customer Care staff is at your disposal for further information.
Number of Packages
2 / 3
from 140 to 306 Kg
Cubic Metres
from 1,00 to 1,50 m³
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Partner Factory

This article is manufactured by a Venetian company that has been making furniture with a refined and innovative Italian design for thirty years and exported all over the world. The attention to detail, latest trends and modern shapes are the characteristics upon which this company designs and creates its handcrafted products. Each product is conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy. Starting from the tradition of classical furniture, in which field this company took its first steps, the products have been evolving in furniture items characterized by an essential, volatile design in which totally different materials meet in perfect balance. The collection of this innovative company focuses on furnishings that are inspired by natural and geometric shapes materializing in fluid and original lines, ideal for furnishing a young and contemporary home. 
Modern living room furniture: tables, chairs, coffee tables, console tables, bookcases, storage units

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