Kitchen 3590

Corner two-coloured kitchen 3D design with fixed rectangular table.

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3590 Kitchen Design of 8/09/2011:

Customer's request
I need to renew my kitchen as much as possible while keeping the original layout of the plants because the building has been renovated recently and I would not intervene with the masonry.
The restaurant is a view of the living room so I'd love a solution bicolor not overly lit.
I would also like a coffee table or alternatively a snack counter with stools.

Comments of the interior designer
Given the need not to interfere with masonry, evaluating both the positioning of the current facilities that the placement of the wall that divides the kitchen from the living area, we chose to develop a corner composition. The collection of all appliances allows to obtain a more homogeneous and harmonious avoiding the insertion of elements with finishes not coordinate.

Starting from the side of the door, we have placed the 'kitchen area with a cooker hood condition: thanks to the floor on both sides of the fires, it is very functional and practical, always ensuring a comfortable support for pots and pans.
Proceeding along the stone floor was added to the sink, this provision is allowed due to the maintenance of proper ergonomics and functionality of the environment that otherwise would have required the reversal of the cooking area than washing.

Unlike what has been proposed for the base, a solution with linear roof to retain the original position of the existing boiler.
The insertion of the middle column oven makes daily use of the appliance more comfortable and allows to derive the base to a handy door.
The finishes were chosen to better co-ordinate them with those found in the flooring and walls, putting green as accent color.

In relation to the space available and the need to preserve the fixed elements already present, we favor the insertion of a fixed table instead of a plane snack that would be incompatible with the basic premises as well as with the distribution achieved.
The positioning of the table is made possible by the presence of a sliding door or window that although open, does not present the overall dimensions of the doors. In particular, the model chosen has a central support in stainless steel which prevents any obstructions perimeter of the legs in order to optimize the available space. Its transparent glass top makes it look light and allows you to fully appreciate the structure of the chromium coordinated chairs.

Proposed Furniture
- Elvis table
- Eva chair

Additional Information

Project Type
3D Design with Colours and Photorealistic Render

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