Kitchen 7470

Two-coloured corner modular kitchen 3D design Arianna + Icaro.

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Kitchen Design 7470 of 14/02/2013

Customer request
I have an environment of significant size kitchen that I'd like to enhance with an angular composition. Want to keep the coating and the current provision of facilities, while for the boiler would like a solution that could hide his bulky volume. Already have a freestanding refrigerator, table and chairs.'d prefer a matching color in shades of sand.

Comments of the interior designer
Considering the needs of the customer you want to keep the current plant, we studied an angular composition making the most of the space available.

The kitchen is equipped with built-in appliances, presents through the alignment between base and wall units a regular scan that gives a pleasing overall effect of uniformity. The boiler has been built into a wall unit of measure for depth greater than standard. The result is a distinctive element that characterizes the composition, thus obviating the problem of the drop the item to view.
The height of the wall units in addition to ensuring an excellent capacity ensures a balance of dimensional relationship with the volume of the boiler building. The wall units were placed only along the long side and "L" to encourage proper alignment with the basics, not possible through the inclusion of a corner module.
The kitchen ends with a half-column oven and a refrigerator freestanding already in possession by the customer.

The finishes were chosen in conjunction with the tiles already present. Shades for floor and wall units are respectively sawn powder and glossy mocha, with shell and sand-colored top.

Additional Information

Project Type
3D Design with Colours and Photorealistic Render

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