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Florian table with solid wood top and asymmetrical legs in Murano glass or metal.

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Florian is a secular debarked wood table with an unmistakable style: the top is in fact made from a plank of high quality reclaimed solid wood, skillfully restored and worked by expert craftsmen. For the top you can also choose solid oak wood, for refined and timeless style.
The considerable thickness of the top contrasts with the formal lightness of the legs, which consist of two plates, one fixed with brass studs directly to the end of the top as if to form a 90° angle, and one inclined in a more central position that engages in the top. The slabs can be in painted or galvanised brass or bronze metal, or in extra-clear or smoked Murano glass with a slightly irregular and wavy effect. 
Florian is the result of a design project that combines a strong scenic and aesthetic presence with the conscious use of natural materials with an evident textural aspect.

Design table with top in reclaimed wood
Suspended effect created by the Murano glass legs
Painted or galvanised metal legs for a more industrial style
100% Made in Italy product combining design and quality materials

Model and Measurements
Table Height:
- 75 cm
Top Thickness:
- solid oak: 5 cm
- secular wood: 6 cm
Leg Thickness:
- Murano glass: 2,5 cm
- metal: 1,2 cm

Materials and Finishes
- solid oak
- solid secular wood
- powder-coated or galvanised metal
- extra-clear or smoked Murano glass 
- brass

Technical study

Murano glass is produced in an artisanal manner by Vetreria Veneziana. The sheets are obtained by mass casting: this technique involves the mass of semi-melted glass casting by gravity inside special moulds. The casting itself on the walls of the mould makes the surface and edges of the glass slightly irregular and wavy.

Secular wood is the only wood where no trees are felled. Its processing requires decades of experience in cabinet making and restoration, as well as a considerable amount of man-hours. This is achieved through the careful selection of rare and precious reclaimed wood from the beams and structural planks of old buildings, which are restored and shaped with craftmanship, leaving the natural veneer gained through exposure to the elements for more than 100 years. The main essences used are Elm (70%), Spruce (20%) and Oak (10%): the type of essence depends on the piece of wood recovered. The surface is treated with neutral water-based varnishes. The special feature of these woods is that they are left to dry for many hours until they completely lose their intrinsic moisture content, which significantly reduces their specific weight.
Any colour, aesthetic and tactile differences between one board and another are not to be considered as a defect, but as an added value, precisely because they are due to the inherent variability of a completely natural wood. 

Solid wood is wood from FSC-certified supplies (forests managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards). Only the highest quality 7-layer solid spruce or birch apanels with grade A veneer, with zero formaldehyde emissions, are used for the blockboard wood.
All woods are finished with the application of an all-natural, food-grade, water-based, colourless transparent finish. Glues are limited as much as possible in favour of mechanical joints; if used, vinyl glues are zero formaldehyde, ammonia and APEO emission. 

Additional Information

Area of Production
Seat Number
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Partner Factory

This article is the result of the continuous research of this Italian company, active in the recovery of 100% natural materials to be used in the furniture sector. Tables, bookcases, sideboards and cupboards are built with antique wood that preserves the original characteristics while enhancing the charm given to it by the passage of time. Widely used is also marble and hammered glass that harmoniously binds with wood and enhances its characteristics. Attention to the preservation of the environment also emerges from the soft colours that recall the tones of nature, perfect for both modern homes and in an environment with a classic and formal taste.
"Natural design" is the leitmotif of the entire collection, which, together with the extensive use of glass, lightly worked wood and marble, proposes high-level complements that become the protagonists of an exclusive environment, whether it is a dining area or a living room.
Each product is conceived, designed and built in Italy to be proposed to an international market attentive to the high quality of Made in Italy furniture. The experience and excellence of the work carried out by the brand is widely perceivable the moment one comes into contact with any item proposed in the catalogue.

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