Living Room 6105

Living Room 3D design with furniture for the entrance hall, bookcase, extending console table and modular shelves.

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Design Living Room / Living Room 6105 of 01/08/2012:

The project involves the customer's request our stay and the entrance area. In the latter I need a solution to cover the counters. Under the existing mirror I would insert something nice that might possibly be too restraining. In the hallway were arranged shelves of crystal but the wall is bare and little used. If possible I would like to keep the shelves (which may be reduced in width) and insert a piece of furniture with two doors, one for the coat hanger and a shoe rack with shelves to use as. In the living room or in the corridor I need also something to be used as storage space since the kitchen is very small. The ceiling that covers entrance and hallway ends at the entrance of the living room, so I want to know whether to keep it or go into the living room. I already have a divan with white fabric, and the TV cabinet with wenge base that would like to keep. I do not like to see the threads of the TV (32 "), if possible I would like to hide them with a panel to hang on the wall. Regarding the table and chairs, need a table that can hold 6/8 people. Would be fine also a console table saw that would be used 2/3 times a year, so something that does not take away too much space. Door and window frames are white, the floor is dark floors, while the color of the walls are pale pink tint that I would keep . favorite colors are white, sand and hazelnut, I do not like the red.
Comments of interior designers Given the desire of the customer to want to cover the counters at present, we opted for a solution that not only performs the function of shielding also become restraining furniture. The cabinet in question has a height of measure that totally covers the counter, reaching below the electrical panel. E 'equipped with four doors (three to the fore and a sash) of convenient opening so as to leave a free passage to the front door. Structure and shelves are lacquered in matt white lily, the leaves alternate in matt white lacquer and hemp. In the available space under the mirror already in possession was placed a movable entrance, useful support plane for a possible telephone and at the same container and svuotatasche. The essence wenge was chosen in such a way that integrates well with the rest of the interior already present, as the basis of mobile TV in the living room.

Along the corridor, in the recess of the wall was placed a piece of furniture capacious and high up to the ceiling. E 'consists of five columns, three of which with open shelves and two doors with full height. Useful to store any object, can also be used as a pantry and hangers. One of the two columns with door was in fact equipped with pipe hangers to become comfortable wardrobe. The finish, as in the case of the movable input is white lily for structure and shelves and hemp opaque for the doors. A series of shelves and cupboards have been inserted between the wall: three crystal already held by the client and two matt lacquered hemp, useful for storing decorative items or books. The false ceiling has been extended and shaped diagonally so as not to be visually intrusive and that it may give an ideal continuity of the corridor.

In the living room, along the wall behind the sofa in the peninsula, was placed a console convertible. Useful desk becomes necessary practical table that, thanks to extensions, can comfortably accommodate up to eight people. Its structure in chromed metal and the plan incorporates the oak wenge finishes of fitted wall and the cabinet door. The chair, also with chromed frame, upholstered in white econappa It enables you to comfortably use the console as a desk without getting in the way for passage. The front of the console, modular consoles placed at L, create a pleasant frame and become the ideal storage solution to take advantage of the otherwise bare wall. These items are back in matt lacquer white lily and shelves matt lacquered hemp, colors that represent the common thread for all the furnishings restraints placed in the environment.

In order to satisfy the desire to hide the cables of the TV, we have included a panel tv stand anchored to the wall between fixed base and wall units. The matte white lacquered finish was chosen in conjunction with that of the cabinet also white opaque.

The sofa is on the front compared to mobile TV and allows optimal viewing screen from anywhere, including the peninsula. The carpet, customized in size and shape, has a warm tint in clear contrast with the dark essence of the pavement. The floor lamp, placed at the side sofa is made ​​from chromed frame and lampshade in white leather. In the modern form, integrates the best for its materials in the environment and is able to generate, if turned on, a very pleasant light and uniform both upward that downward.

Proposed Furniture - mobile Doppiariga - libraries Almond - Almond shelves - Voilà console - chair Marin - Bael shelves - Door Panel TV - Carpet Malibran - lamp Lynx

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3D Design with Colours and Photorealistic Render