Living Room 7618

Living room 3D design with cabinet, home office and sofa with pull-out seats.

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Design Living Room / Living Room 7618 of 20/03/2013

The client's request I have a living room that I would like to decorate with a modern style. Having the entrance directly onto the living room do I need a piece of furniture wardrobe and if possible a corner home office with library. I would like a mobile TV that has an asymmetrical composition and space to insert my two speakers. For the couch I do not have special needs, the important thing is that just get dirty and having a point of lateral support because I do not want a table in the middle of the room. Among sofa and tv prefer to have free space to place a possible extension table. The frames are made ​​of aluminum and the floor is tiled dark brown. How colors I prefer white, sand and shades of blue.

Comments of interior designers Following the indications given customer, was placed to the right of the front door of a cabinet with hinged doors that you can make as wardrobe and can be equipped inside with shelves and hooks hanging rail.

The side of the wardrobe was originally a dedicated space on the corner study, designed to ensure a comfortable passage to the front door. The corner home office in question is composed of a shaped desk, a comfortable chair with armrests and two shelves lacquered aviation, color belonging to the range of blues.
The angle between kitchen and hallway has been exploited by placing a bookshelf large, of equal height to the cabinet wardrobe.

The wall-equipped, contemporary in design, consists of a base container that can host tv and speakers, hanging and folding containers per day. The finishing eco wood in the shade sand, alternating with varnish aviation, to recovery of the shelves home office.

Front, is positioned three-seater sofa maxi, fabric stain, characterized by sessions removable offering the possibility to convert the sofa into a chaise lounge, ensuring maximum comfort and versatility. Given the significant distance between sofa and TV, you will need to choose a TV the size of which ensure a correct view. Next to the couch, close the door window was created a piece of furniture tailored with a double function: supporting surface and simultaneously compartment containment. Behind the backrests, a second plan allows you to enjoy an additional basis for other speaker.

Between input and sofa is positioned a console extension can be used daily as a coin tray and, if necessary, as a table in the center room to accommodate friends and family to place.
Complete the decor, a carpet with printed twill and an armchair in blue fabric positioned between the sofa and wall unit.

Proposed Furniture
- Wardrobe Tilt
- Almond desk
- Chair Flute
- Shelves Almond
- Library Almond
- Fitted wall BeFree FS72
- Armchair Tetris
- Sofa Attitude
- Carpet Palmas
- Console Event

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