Living Room 7953

Living Room 3D design with storage unit, extending console table and wall system with desk.

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Design Living Room / Living Room 7953 of 21/01/2013

Customer's request
I am looking for a furnishing solution for my living room that fulfills the functions of input and relaxation area.
I need a wardrobe for coats and closed shoes to be shallow, while the fitted wall light and minimalist composition I would like a place where a 40-inch TV. I wish I had a desk near the window and find a place for my two guitars.
I have a fabric sofa that I would keep, consisting of a corner armchair removable and repositionable.
The floor is light wood floors, white walls and aluminum windows white. I prefer cool colors and matt lacquer, to exclude the red.
Comments of the interior designer
Given the needs of the customer, the environment living room / lounge has been designed in such a way as to best integrate different areas with fruition, in this case input and relaxation area.
Side of the entrance door we placed an element that acts as a hinged door wardrobe thanks to the two internal hanger. Its small size and to ensure a total view of the environment, allow you to use its plan as a handy pocket emptier.
A tall cabinet and of greater length would be inappropriate in this case, its footprint would create a visual obstacle and hardship in steps.

Front of the couch already in the customer's possession was placed a wall equipped with clean lines and modern. The composition, consisting of base and wall units tv stand combines an open compartment and a writing creating a useful corner home office.
Equipped with an ergonomic stool swivel and height adjustable, fits in order to fit under the floor when not in use.

Along the wall that leads to the hallway was placed a console extendable helpful support when closed, it becomes a dining table that can accommodate up to 8 people when open.
On top of this, two guitars are hooked to the wall-mount readily available on the market. The tools thus become decorative elements remain, but if necessary they can be used for easy grip.

The choice is to finish all the elements lacquered matt white, with the exception of fitted wall base and wall units. The latter, to create a nice contrast with the white, are of a special textured finish gray, shades echoed in the lining of the stool.

Proposed Furniture
- Fitted wall BeFree FS73

- Move stool

- Console Event

- Daedalus table

Mirror-Les Brothers

Linear Plan-shelves

Additional Information

Project Type
3D Design with Colours and Photorealistic Render