Living Room 8191

Living Room 3D design with modular bookcase, leather sofa, extending table with glass top.

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Design Living Room / Living Room 8191 of 20/03/2013

Customer request
I have a living room adjacent to the kitchen that I want to renew the furniture.
For the fitted wall light and minimalist composition would like a place where my 40-inch TV. The couch I was linear, preferably in leather. I need also a fixed table with metal frame four-seater extendable to 6/8 people that I will use as the main table. In the entrance there is already a built-in hanger heated towel rail.
The walls are all white except for one in blue spatula that I would like to stay. The frames are made ​​of aluminum and white tiles of the floor has light color.
I prefer cool colors like blue, ivory and cherry finish. I have two small children, so I do not want anything "tricky". Overall I would like to get a final yield light and airy despite having a limited space, whereas my current chandelier illuminates little.

Comments of the interior designer
The large wall in the entrance area is entirely used as a library, designed through the use of modular units. They offer the chance to have a custom wall unit as well as functional and modern design. The play of solids and voids given by the use of closed compartments and shelves of different lengths and shapes, gives the composition a pleasant movement.
The library is placed in a recess formed by an increase of the depth of the structural pillar. This small intervention with drywall allows you to get a good space to accommodate the piece of furniture while avoiding the visible edges, dangerous and unsightly.

To the right of the pillar is positioned linear three-seater sofa, cozy as padded with goose down and covered with a prestigious natural skin shades of ivory.

The front of the sofa is placed in the custom fitted wall composition and consists of a container with hinged doors on benches. The latter becomes convenient base for any subwoofer. The installation of the TV on the wall allows you to make the most of the surface of the top of the container and assign it as the dvd player or the speakers.

Among fitted wall and the kitchen is a dining table extendable consists of chromed metal frame and glass colored ash. The location is ideal because of its proximity to the cooking area and also the size, provide the necessary space to the movement in the room without being in the way. Comfortably sleep six people when closed, it can provide up to eight when stretched.
The chairs, also with steel structure are coated in faux ivory as the shades of the couch.

In an environment such as the dining / sitting room are often fruition is important to define the different spaces and at the same time create a common thread that unites all the furniture in favor of overall harmony. With this premise, it is the ocean blue color gloss to have been chosen as the leitmotiv of the environment, in perfect contrast to the blue wall spatula. This color accent stands out against the neutral tone matt lacquered ash and its variant in open pore that characterizes the container on the back bench and tiling library.

To illuminate different spaces, as in this case, a dining area and relaxation area, is particularly suitable for a hanging lamp decentralized so you can position the two light fixtures respectively at the table and the sofa.

Proposed Furniture
- Bookcase Plan Krea
- Leather sofa Hopper
- Daedalus table
- Container Hinged Base Plan
- Plan bench to Earth
- Hanging Plan Plan Check and Checkmate Close
- Kronos table
- Chairs Asia
- Pendant lamp Sibilla

Additional Information