Partition Bookcase

Castle low wood and metal bookcase, also available 180 cm high. Ideal for modern living rooms with a design touch.


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Castle is a low wood and metal bookshelf, composed of horizontal wooden shelves supported by a thin minimalist oblique structure made up of metal panels, together they recreate a diamond-shaped pattern. This particular geometric design makes Castle not only a useful storage piece where to show books and decorative objects but it also decorates every environments is placed into with its shape similar to a castle of cards. The shelves and structure are customisable for finishes so that it can fit the colour palette of your house. Furthermore it can be used set against a wall but also as a partition element in the middle of the room, for example to separate a dining table from the seating area.

usable against the wall or as a partition element in the middle of the room
contrast between light structure and thick shelves
made with great manufacturing techniques, valuable materials and care for details
max. capacity of each compartment: kg 15

Materials and Finishes
- lacquered metal
- wood veneer

Additional Information

Angelo Tomaiuolo
Area of Production
Easy Assembling
Technical Schemes
Download the Product Card
Assembling Instructions
Download the Assembling Instructions
Number of Packages
2 / 3
44 / 78 Kg
Cubic Metres
0,09 / 0,17 m³
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This article is manufactured by a Venetian company, which has been creating pieces of furniture with a refined and innovative Italian design for thirty years and exporting it worldwide. The attention for details, the trends and modern shapes are the characteristics upon which the handicraft items of this company are designed and created. Each product is thought, designed and manufactured in Italy. Starting from the tradition of classical furniture, in which field this company took its first steps, the products have been evolving in furniture items characterized by an essential, volatile, almost evanescent design as to shapes and colours. These items take inspiration from natural shapes and they materialize in fluid and original lines, which are suitable to furnish a young and contemporary house..
Modern living room furniture: tables, chairs, coffee tables, console tables, bookcases, storage units

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