Pouf dormeuse Morfo realizzato in poliuretano rivestito in tessuto.


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Pouf dormeuse MorfoIl pouf dormeuse Morfo è disponibile nei due modelli pouf (cm 85 p.92) o dormeuse (cm 120 p.87). Morfeo è realizzato in schiuma poliuretanica rivestita in tessuto, il che rende il pouf dormeuse Morfo comodo ed accogliente.
Il design accattivante e moderno rende Morfo una rivisitazione moderna della dormeuse, una complemento d'arredo classico e tradizionale.
Nelle immagini proposte il pouf dormeuse Morfo è fotografato in abbinamento alla poltrona della stessa collezione, che potete trovare in fondo alla pagina tra prodotti consigliati.

Modello e Dimensioni
- pouf: cm 85 p.92 h.34
Altezza seduta: cm 31

- dormeuse: cm 120 p.87 h.47
Altezza seduta: cm 36

Categoria Rivestimento
- tessuto

Additional Information

Area of Production
Exportable to the United Kingdom or Ireland with restrictions
Number of Packages
Cubic Metres
0,55 m³
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The manufacturer of this article is based in the province of Siena and has a ten years experience in the furniture business. After being on the market for a long time as an artisan workshop specialised in steel tubular structures for furniture, the manufacturer has been able to create a successful combination of tradition, technological innovation and design.
The unique style allows this company to present itself as a leading company in the production of modern-looking, contemporary furniture.
The products range from tables, chairs, stools, to armchairs, sofas and bookcases. The leitmotiv is the use of materials such as aluminium, steel and metal to obtain original shapes and characteristics.The care for details and finishes are additional aspects that this company is keen on by manufacturing design furniture.

Modern design chairs and armchairs

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