6156 Open Space

Open space 3D design with horseshoe-shaped kitchen; extending table, sofa and ottoman in fabric, hanging wall bookcase.

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Design Living Room / Living Room 6156 of 10/08/2012:

Customer's request
Have no easy building still under construction and would like a design of the open plan living area. The kitchen, horseshoe, must include a column oven with wine cellar, oven and microwave. I would like a standard 4-burner hob, integrated into the hood retractable roof and one-bowl sink. The wall units would have a height of 60 cm / 72 and would prefer doors without handles.

The position of the kitchen is fixed but the arrangement of the appliances and the sink may be varied. The front of the oven I have planned a work plan and a base unit with drawers. Both have turned the living room and would like a panel height 120 cm to create a separation.

I'd like to have a two-tone finish of the kitchen: base lacquered white or pastel color and gloss white lacquered cabinets. The work plan would be anthracite and white sink. The position of the refrigerator side-by-side is already fixed in a niche front kitchen. I want this hanging above the high to the ceiling. I need a table with glass top and metal frame, keeping the chairs I already have.

A 'must-option is mobile family-style Beetles that would like to place in the kitchen. On either side of the door that leads into the sleeping area there are two corners where I would insert the wall cabinets and columns. There are not yet in possession of a tv but I would like to be placed in the dining area and one in the wall unit in the living room with a sofa preferably peninsular or angular fabric. The walls are white and the floor is polished parquet clear. I prefer colors such as white, black, green and exclude pink.

Comments of the interior designer The kitchen is set up as requested by a horseshoe.
The column oven is made from the bottom by deep drawer, drawer, two compartments in order to cash respectively oven and microwave and a hinged door.
The dishwasher was placed under the stove, and this position requires careful in choosing the hob that will be compatible with the dishwasher.
The sink is located under the window, perfect location, as it is very bright and preferable to a possible corner solution that would have been awkward to use.
The front of the stove and the refrigerator column is a plan exploited labor at the bottom to place the wine cellar built. Over this three-glass shelves allow you to use all the available space height; whose finishes were chosen in combination with those of the staircase in the living room.

The hanging limited in number due to the compact structure of the composition are capacious with their height equal to 96 cm. They consist of an element with hinged door, an element with integrated hood and mensoli adjacent to the window.
The wall units in oak open pore Green Tea due to their pastel shades create a harmonious balance with the white base and the warm wood of the floor. The top (thickness of 3 cm) is Okite gray, which creates a nice contrast between the bottom and the top of the composition. The wall behind the fires was thought to be resin-coated white finish practice that stands out from the plaster of the wall for a reflection more bright and shiny.
The opaque white base becomes one with the bases in gloss white, ideal shade to make brightness and elegance.

Two panels positioned "T" delimit the work plan as well as being dividers between the kitchen and sitting area.
Separation becomes part of the paneling with the dining area and the extension table; optimal position to ensure adequate passage. Clean lines with glass and aluminum structure is suitable to accommodate up to six people. The chairs, in transparent polycarbonate, of bygone and modern material, integrate the open space contemporary whilst retaining the retro elements.

On the opposite wall of the kitchen, a niche houses the refrigerator side-by-side. Above it was a compartment enclosed by two white doors that comes in handy pantry, having a depth greater than a standard roof.

Next to the fridge is the wet bar-style Beetles, valuable complement of 700 already in the customer's possession over which was placed a tv with articulated arm as requested.

The bifaccialità of the composition allows to use two different areas but still interfacing and communicating. The panel also becomes opaque white lacquered bottom for the base of the tv relaxation area. The container on which rests the TV is composed of two compartments with hinged for CDs and DVDs, whose high gloss green tea takes up the color of the kitchen cabinets.

On the front is placed a fabric sofa with matching ottoman, further sitting or resting, whose coating has been chosen to contrast with dark wood floors while maintaining the warm shade of brown.

Behind the sofa a library hung on the wall serves as a comfortable support as well as by restraining element.

The inclusion of a corner sofa with chaise or, given the large footprint of their ends, would not allow you to make the most of the space, so the choice of a session proved to be linear in this case the most appropriate.

The wall adjacent to the front door was slightly expanded in width to accommodate the mirror and the console fixed glass with drawers, light in texture and useful svuotatasche. The spaces at the side door that separates the sleeping area are considered too small to be able to predict the elements that do not represent an obstacle in the normal way.

Proposed Furnishing:

- Drop table

- Victoria Ghost chairs

- Door Panel TV

- Flip Base Plan

- Sofa and ottoman Hopper

- Library Maze

- Mirror Image

- Console Hall

Additional Information

Project Type
3D Design with Colours and Photorealistic Render