8122 Open Space

Open Space 3D design with doors system for wall recess, hanging TV stand and custom rug.

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Designing Open Space 8122 of 05/04/2013

Customer's request
I live in Norway and I have to complete the decor of my apartment, integrating the furniture that I have purchased from you to those who still fail me.
The space to be furnished includes entrance, living room and a hallway.
In the entrance would like a solution that would allow us to hold both winter jackets that the shoes, once removed upon entering. I currently have a piece of furniture that leaves everything in sight and I was thinking of something a little more discreet. Furthermore, at present there are separations between this room and the living room, but I think in future it might be useful to have a sliding door that divides the two environments.
The style of living has to be modern, linear and preferably asymmetric environments also do not like too full of furniture. I would also like efficient lighting but adaptable. I prefer neutral colors but I would not mind also insert some element of contrast.
In the hallway I would like to have the furniture to hold a broom or vacuum cleaner and a small library if it had not already been entered in the lounge.

Comments of the interior designer

In the hall of the house, to address the need to cram both bulky winter jackets that footwear for everyday use, we have placed a lock system for niche. The space also allows storing brooms and other objects that cleaning the house.
On the wall in front of the niche is scheduled stylish shaped mirror and a shelf that acts as a convenient change tray if necessary.
This environment is easily separated from the living room by installing a sliding door outside. With the frame in white lacquered oak and frosted glass, is in line with the finish of the frames already present and also allows the passage of sunlight in the hall, even if closed.

The design of the seating area we started from the elements already in the possession of the customer and then complete the room with furniture that could integrate both proportions for finishes.
The sofa is placed in the wall where the pitch of the roof is lowered, is framed by two floor lamps in steel gray. This system allows to obtain modulated illumination thanks to the adjustable reflector to 180 ° and the intensity regulator. Depending on the occasion in fact, the customer can decide whether to privilege the direct light or indirect projecting it on the sloped ceiling of this area of ​​the environment.
The particular shape of the carpet is more prominent than the coffee table so that it finds its ideal location. It is in fact placed at the correct distance from the couch making it comfortable and functional and not creating hindrance to the passage to the kitchen area.

Placing the extension table to the wall, it guarantees the right brightness both daytime (due to the proximity of the door window) that night, thanks to the tubular lamp ceiling installed next to a wall outlet that already exists (so as to contain the length of the power cord) .
Maintaining the correct distance for a smooth transition, was placed a TV stand suspended on the wall that separates the living room from the kitchen.
Consists of two modules with basket and one with removable compartments (comfortable to hold dvd player or decoder) both in high gloss white; ensures both that of the containing function that comfortable support to your TV. If you place the TV on the left side of the composition guarantees an optimal view from the sofa, while on the right is to be installed in the wall of a shelf in matt white, adequate support for both books for small decorative items.
The wall on which is placed the composition is painted in anthracite gray in order to create greater contrast with the white cabinet and stay at the same time in line with the color of the fabric of the couch, also taken from the edge of the carpet.

In the hallway there are two library of the same width, with structure in white laminate doors and pearl. The functionality containment has been assigned to the least visible from the living room, while the other part we have planned a day to be exploited to store his favorite books. The choice tenuous color combination is dictated by both the condition of the environment that has no openings to the outside, as well as by coordination with the context.

Proposed Furniture
- Closure system for niche Queens
- Input Demo shelf with mirror
- Sliding door Alix
- Carpet shaped to measure Fedora
- Floor lamp Steel City
- Tubular lamp ceiling Jolie
- TV stand suspended Made
- Shelf modular Wave
- Library Almond High p. 32.8
- Library Almond High p. 45.6

Additional Information

Project Type
3D Design with Colours and Photorealistic Render