Pelle Fiore Invecchiata


Full grain leather with thin texture, semi-polished look, naturally irregular surface, thickness 1,2 - 1,4 mm, 8 colours.

  • P/3611 Rope
  • P/3604 Siena
  • P/3606 Tobacco
  • P/3607 Brown
  • P/3609 Deer
  • P/3613 Hide-leather
  • P/3614 Coral
  • P/3608 Prune
  • P/3605 Bluette
  • P/3603 Military Green
  • P/3612 Smoke
  • P/3601 Charcoal

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Tivano Leather
Semi-aniline full grain leather with aged effect. Made with European bovine, chrome tanning.
Thin texture, semi-polished look, natural irregularity of the surface, pigmentation hand-removed through pads to get the ageing effect.

Tivano Leather

Additional Information

1,2 - 1,4 mm
not finished
Colour Fastness to Dry Friction
≥ 100 cycles
Colour Fastness to Wet Friction
≥ 25 cycles
Colour Fastness to Light
≥ 3 bluescale
Fire Resistance
Compliant with British Standards