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Sgabello con seduta rotonda in legno Rocket di Calligaris e struttura in metallo laccato nero alzabile.


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Rocket di Calligaris è uno sgabello con seduta rotonda in legno sagomata a conca anatomica per un'inconfondibile stile industriale oppure con rivestimento in similpelle per uno stile metropolitano. La struttura in metallo laccato opaco nero è formata da quattro gambe inclinate verso l'esterno, che conferiscono una maggior stabilità allo sgabello, e da un pratico poggiapiedi circolare per una maggiore comodità di seduta.
Rocket ha un sedile girevole con una vite che consente di alzare ed abbassare la base ed ottenere uno sgabello per piano cucina o per piano snack-bar.

sedile in legno o imbottito in similpelle
struttura in metallo con comodo poggiapiedi
sedile girevole con vite per alzare o abbassare la base
stile metropolitano o industriale per ambienti giovani e moderni

- cm ø 40 h.65 / 80

Materiali e Finiture

- legno tinto
- similpelle
- metallo laccato opaco
- metallo laccato opaco

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This article is made by Calligaris, a company which was founded in 1923 on the basis of a passion for wood working and for the excellence of Italian production. Nowadays, the company designs and manufactures chairs, tables, beds, sofas, lamps and furniture accessories. Over the years, generation after generation as top management, such a company has seen its products increasing in number as well as its prestige growing in the furniture business. Calligaris operates in 90 countries all over the world with 70 one brand shops and several retailers.

Besides the use of wood, this company works with metal, plastic, leather and glass. The mission is to create articles that suit any room of your house, allow you to express your personality and style, and at the same time, meet aesthetic, practical, functional criteria. Furniture and design accessories playing with materials, shapes and colours. The very company defines its 800 products on the catalogue as reliable, smart, user-friendly and lively.

Brilliance and passion are some other of the key words and fundamental values which Calligaris brand pivots around. All that has driven the company to be a leading company in Italy as well as abroad, thanks to a wide offer of products designed according to the criteria of quality and reliability.


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