4564 Soggiorno/Salotto

3D design of living room / lounge area with home office, bookcase and sofa beds.

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Design Living Room / Living Room 4564 of 19/01/2012:

Customer's request
I would like to use as a office area and relax my basement.

The two areas should be distinct, perhaps expanding the already small wall that separates them. The office area should provide a library with two-tone doors and drawers to store my documents, also I already have a desk with matching chair, both in teak.
For relaxation area instead my priority lies on a comfortable sofa where you can watch the games with friends, preferably in leather and with the ability to be able to exploit as a bed. I wish I had a wall equipped where to include my tv 52 ".
The walls remain white while I was employed in combination with the dark oak of colors such as red, ivory, gray or silver. To rule out the furniture white.

Comments of the interior designer
Considering the various activities in which it is used as the space available, we have placed the study in the area farthest from the entrance, so as to be most protected in the event of a simultaneous use of the spaces. The library has been placed in the wall opposite the entrance, so as to create a pleasant prospect who enters the room. Other placements were excluded for the presence of windows, for too small or because the bulk of the composition significantly reduced the area of ​​passage.
Equipped with lateral filing cabinets and doors above, is complemented by a central part with drawers that emphasizes the harmonious symmetry. In day rooms, available in dark oak, are exposed to books and objects of everyday use, while the closed compartments (with fronts in hemp color) host in a discreet documents and personal items.
In order not to affect both the visual aspect of that passage, on the right wall of the library were not included shelves or decorative objects protruding.

On the left wall of the library was placed the desk in teak, it enjoys both the incoming light from the window in the ceiling that the presence of electrical outlets that guarantee the full enjoyment.
Its location, adjacent to the wall that divides the two environments, making it less visible from the entrance guaranteeing adequate privacy from those who would benefit only the relaxation. The area is complemented by a gray carpet clove, where there are two coffee leather ottoman with storage compartment that can be used as additional comfortable seating area for relaxation.

The area nearest the entrance was used as the vision of the TV thanks to the excellent central positioning of the appliance compared to the couch.
The wall that separates the two areas has been extended to cover the whole extension of the backrest of the sofa, this allows to obtain a support for any enclosures connected to the tv and also ensures the passage of light that would be precluded from one element to tutt 'height. The three-seater sofa chosen is a comfortable seat and elegant while watching TV, but at the same time turns into a comfortable double bed in the presence of the guests. The dark gray leather jacket fits in well both with the carpets with the tones of the species present. The coffee table with clear glass is perfectly integrated with the other elements, also the chrome finish of structure recalls the elegant bar at the base of the seat of the sofa.

Considering the relationship between the size of the TV and the wall where it will be placed, we have included a TV stand in support. The choice of a wall system would have made the overflow wall, risking to be stuffy in a space already strongly defined by fixed elements.
The TV stand in matt hemp instead enhances the position of the TV, but with two compartments (one per day, and a large basket) to store the accessories of the television when you are finished using them.

Proposed Furniture
- Library Almond High
- Ottoman Candy
- Carpet Watercolor
- Bourgie table lamp
- Shorter sofa
- Vogue coffee table
- Carpet Delight
- Speed ​​tv
- Clock Puzzle

Additional Information

Project Type
3D Design with Colours and Photorealistic Render