Conference Tables

Designer conference tables for a unique meeting room

Choose a high-quality table to host meetings in the office, to furnish conference or executive rooms or to organise formal meetings. In a single collection we have gathered the best design models in order to offer impeccable aesthetics and maximum comfort. Choose oval or round tables to improve ergonomics and communication, or rectangular tables to accommodate a larger number of staff. Whether small or with 8 or 12 seats, a meeting table must also stand out for its looks: make room for elegant glass, marble or wooden structures.

  • Tavolo con base a fasce intrecciate Bon Bon

    Bon Bon
    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €4,563

    Bon Bon table with woven band base in charcoal, burnished brass or corten. Top in different shapes and sizes, in marble, walnut or glass.

  • Tavolo ovale in marmo Indigo

    Oval / Elliptical Table

    Starting from €2,763

    Indigo marble oval table, also available round. Marble, wood, glass or ceramic top and sail-shaped metal base.

  • Tavolo da soggiorno a 4 gambe in legno massello Leander

    Dining Table

    Starting from €3,993

    Leander 4 legged wooden dining table, rectangular shaped, round or elliptical; top available in wood or marble.

  • Tavolo da pranzo con base reversibile Reverse

    Dining Table

    Starting from €2,782

    Reverse dining table with reversible metal base and rectangular table top in glass, wood, Gres stone or marble. Available in various sizes.

  • Axis classic sculptural base living room table

    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €4,129

    Arex classic sculptural base living room table with clear or bronze glass top and wooden shaped base. Available in different sizes.

  • Tavolo in marmo da soggiorno Birkey

    Dining Table

    Starting from €2,558

    Birkey marble living room table with oval shaped top in marble, wood or ceramic. Double metal base in modern design.

  • Tavolo a cavalletto con trave in legno massello Cedar

    Fixed Table

    Starting from €2,774

    Cedar trestle table with solid wood beam intersecting the pair of curved metal legs. Oval top in glass, ceramic or marble. 

  • Dandelion è un tavolo ovale con gambe perpendicolari in noce Americano e marmo Sahara Noir

    Oval / Elliptical Table

    Starting from €4,263

    Dandelion oval table with perpendicular legs and wooden, ceramic or marble top. Available in three sizes, also with parallel legs.

  • Tavolo con basamento tricolore Eliseo

    Design Table

    Starting from €3,796

    Eliseo table with tricolour base; available in several measurements. Metal base also available in white, black or mud.

  • Tavolo rotondo con base a spirale Firenze

    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €4,007

    Firenze elegant spiral-shaped table with round, rectangular or oval top. Wooden structure and glass or stoneware top.

  • Tavolo in vetro Gaya con base scavata in Tecnoril®

    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €3,093

    Gaya glass table with modern base in Tecnoril®. Also available with a gres stoneware top and in several shapes and sizes.

  • Tavolo con base traforata in metallo Globo

    Table with Central Leg

    Starting from €4,150

    Tavolo con base traforata in metallo Globo disponibile con piano a botte o ellittico, ideale per accogliere comodamente fino a 10 persone.

  • Tavolo ovale con gambe a " X " Haynes in metallo e in legno essenza

    Design Table

    Starting from €2,560

    Haynes oval table with metal and wood 'X' legs with glass and ceramic top in different colours. Available in four sizes.

  • Tavolo scultura con basi a colonna con piano sagomato

    Design Table

    Starting from €6,389

    Lotus sculpture table with column bases and shaped top. Characterised by curved and monolithic volumes. Available in wood, ceramic and marble.

  • Tavolo di design con base in metallo Oasi di Cantori

    Design Table

    Starting from €4,152

    Tavolo di design con base in metallo Oasi di Cantori, piano ovale in vetro trasparente o fumé e basamento in diverse finiture metalliche.

  • Tavolo da pranzo ellittico in marmo Saar di Borzalino

    Oval / Elliptical Table

    Starting from €5,896

    Saar oval dining table by Borzalino with central aluminium base and a 190 x 110 cm marble top. Top available in various matt and glossy natural stone finishes.

  • Style extendable dining table with central base - base in bronze lacquered metal and top in Gres porcelain

    Design Table

    Starting from €3,405

    Style extendable dining table with central base. Available in glass, wood, ceramic or Gres porcelain stone; several sizes and models to choose from.

  • Tavolo stile minimal con cavalletto in metallo Vigo con piano in ceramica finitura Statuarietto

    Modern Table

    Starting from €1,216

    Vigo minimal style dining table with metal trestle base; rectangular or shaped top, in ceramic, wood or glass. Modern and versatile design.

  • Giano design marble table by Cattelan

    Design Table

    Starting from €4,194

    Giano is a designer marble table by Cattelan featuring a single central plinth and Carrara marble, Keramik stone or wood top.

  • Mobius boat shaped glass table

    Design Table

    Starting from €4,235

    Loris boat shaped glass table with a triangular design wooden structure set on a chrome metal base.

  • Tavolo ovale con gambe cilindriche Roll di Cattelan impreziosite dalla differente dimensione e dal diverso posizionamento

    Design Table

    Starting from €4,134

    Roll oval table with cylindrical legs, by Cattelan. Keramik stone top for a classy look. Also in round, rectangular or shaped versions.

Size and materials: choosing the perfect conference room table

At the heart of a modern office, the conference table must meet certain requirements to be functional and fill its purpose. First of all, the shape can be round, oval or rectangular, depending on how meetings are usually held and the space available. The second factor is size: conferance tables are usually quite big und tables of 240, 250 or 300 cm are common in today's large offices. The aim is twofold: to provide space for teams of several people and to offer an effective and pleasant aesthetic appearance.

Special attention has been given to finishes and structural characteristics: a designer meeting table prefers a large central base or an unique trestle-like structure in wood or metal, with a top in precious materials such as glass, marble or ceramic. However, there is no shortage of more classic all-wood or minimalist models, for more formal or essential offices that do not renounce to a valuable and surprising piece of furniture.