Almond Bookcase Accessories

Almond Bookcase Accessories: shelves, doors, drawers and baskets. Available in many measurements and finishes.

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The Almond Bookcase Accessories are designed to equip your Almond bookcase. They include 3cm thick shelves, hinged or drop-down doors, pairs of drawers, baskets and a useful file organizer.
Like the bookcase, they are available in laminate and matt lacquer, and the doors are also available in clear or lacquered glass with a white painted metal frame.
Almond bookcase accessories allow you to improve the versatility of this modular bookcase in both home and office environments.

doors, drawers and shelves ideal to complete your Almond bookcase
modular bookcase with doors and drawers with an essential and modern design
available in laminate and matt lacquer and, for the doors only, clear or lacquered glass with metal frame
accessories to create bookcases for living rooms, bedrooms, study areas and work environments

Model and Measurements
Additional Shelf:
- width: cm 42 / 57 / 87
- depth: cm 30,9 / 43,7
- thickness: cm 3

Hinged Door:
- width: cm 44,8 / 59,8 h.
- height: cm 36,5 / 73,3 / 110,1 / 146,9 / 183,7 / 220,5 / 257,3

Drop-down Door:
- width: cm 44,8 / 59,8 / 89,8
- height: cm 36,5

Drawer and Basket:
- width: cm 44,8 / 59,8 / 89,8
- depth: cm 30,9 / 43,7
- front height: cm 18,1 (drawer) / 34,5 (basket and file organizer)

Doors and Fronts Thickness:
- cm 2,2

Materials and Finishes
- laminate
- matt lacquer
- clear / lacquered glass

Information for your Quote
All the accessories must be equipped (shelves excluded) with full height or partial height back panel.
The back panels for all the accessories are not included. If the Almond bookcase you composed do not have backs behind doors, drawers or baskets, you have to add them to your quote using the Almond Single Back Panels product card, or the menu in the product card of the bookcase you're interested in.
Likewise, by adding an accessory to a double-sided bookcase, you need a Back Filler Panel for the compartment(s) involved, that can be purchased directly in the product card.

Lift up doors can not be placed in the top compartment, furthermore, it is not possible to place glass doors on columns reduced in width and drawers or big drawers in columns reduced in width and/or depth.

The basket with optional file organiser does not have a push-pull opening.

Technical study

Model and Handles Available for Drawers and Baskets Fronts

Handle Model Front cm 45 Front cm 60 Front cm 90
Arco 1 single single double
Arco 2 single single single
Sigma 1 single single single
Cilindro 1 single single double
Tratto single single single
Punto single single double
Dotto single single double
Luna single single double
Step single single single

Additional Information

Area of Production
Medium Assembling
Technical Schemes
Download the Draw your Almond Bookcase pdf file
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