Upholstered Bed with Storage

Tampa upholstered bed with built-in storage and cushions. Soft and rounded shape. Reclining headboard with soft cushions.

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The Tampa upholstered bed, with built-in storage and headboard cushions, stands out for its soft and comfortable aesthetic. The bed frame, which can be equipped with a practical storage box, has a slightly rounded shape. The headboard is made up of two large cushions which gently envelop and support your body. You can also manually recline the headboard in two different positions, one straight and the other slightly tilted. This tilted position is perfect for sitting up in bed to read a book.
There are several options available for the upholstery on the Tampa bed; various colours of fabric, faux-leather, leather, or even vintage leather. Its modern and versatile design makes this bed suitable for any kind of bedroom, from modern and colourful spaces, to rooms with a more classic and sober style, perhaps with wooden furnishings. The soft and sinuous shapes make Tampa stand out at first glance, creating the perfect balance between elegance and versatility.

soft and comfortable upholstered bed with headboard cushions
manually reclinable headboard with two positions
spacious and practical built-in storage
wide range of upholstery covers, such as fabric, faux-leather, leather and vintage leather
slightly-curved bed frame with sinuous lines
modern and comfortable style

Models and Measurements
Models: standard double or king size
- headboard: cm 102
- bed frame: cm 24
- bed from the floor: cm 30,8
- legs cm h. 6,8

Materials and Finishes
- wood
Headboard and Bed Frame:
- fabric / faux-leather / leather / vintage leather

Purchase Information
The bed base is always included for each model. In the Bed Base Equipment section, you can also choose the "divisible" version, as well as, for models with a bed base, it is possible to remove it. 
The mattress is not included. You can find a suitable mattress in our Mattresses section:: the mattress must be the same size as the bed base.

Technical study

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Structure and Headboard: structure made of wood and derivatives, covered with polyurethane foam of varying densities with pre-coating in polyester wadding and cushions covered with synthetic down, individually sewn so that the cover can be removed. Removable upholstery in fabric, faux-leather and leather. Leather upholstery with back of headboard finished in technical fabric, available as an optional, with the same finish as the front of the headboard.
Headboard Mechanism: the headboard can be manually reclined with a regulation mechanism concealed within the structure.
Bed frame: with a structure, even for the model with the built-in storage box, made from wood and derivatives. Upholstered, can be equipped with a storage box with a wooden structure covered in polyurethane foam of varying densities with pre-coating in polyester wadding, removable upholstery cover in fabric, faux-leather and leather.
Legs: made from ABS, 6,8 cm, adjustable.
Bed base: made from curved plywood slats and a metal frame. With a bed frame without a storage box, it is possible to choose at which height to fix the supports, from a choice of three available heights, and therefore at what height to place the mattress.
Storage box: lift-up base with curved plywood slats and metal frame with rubber corners. Lifting system with hydraulic pistons; the maximum mattress capacity is 45 kg. Bottom panels can be removed using the handle, allowing for cleaning under the bed. The internal height of the storage box is 16 cm.

Headboard back-finish: if you want to position the bed in the centre of a room, the back of the headboard can be finished to match the front. If you choose leather or vintage leather, the standard bed comes with technical canvas at the back of the headboard. The back can also be finished with leather or vintage leather for an additional cost.

Further Information...
Vintage Leather: the vintage leather cover for the headboard evokes a rustic-chic style which conveys the charm of this unique product: marks and streaks are randomly distributed across the surface of the leather and no two pieces are ever identical. This is what gives this leather its beauty and guarantee of authenticity and quality.

Additional Information

Area of Production
Exportable to the United Kingdom or Ireland with restrictions
Easy Assembling
Cubic Metres
from 0,84 to 0,97 m³
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