BonneNuit Pillowcase

Bonnenuit pillowcase in cotton or linen; available in several models, with different hems and in one or two-coloured versions.

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Bonnenuit pillowcase in cotton or linen is available in several models and with different hem types. The wide range of colours and the possibility to choose between one or two-coloured versions allow to further customise Bonnenuit pillowcase creating bed linens that meet everybody's needs; the bright and warm hues and the softer nuances change the look of the bed as they can either give it a fiercer or more refined look.
Elegance and tailor made production give life to BonneNuit bed set: beside the pillowcase, the collection includes linen, duvet cover set, winter double bedspread and mid-season quilt to be matched to any item of this bedding collection.

highly customisable
tailor made product
available in neutral or bright shades
possibility to match with the bedding set of the collection

Materials and Finishes
- cotton, linen

Technical study

Materials Specifications
Percale: it is a closely woven plain-weave cotton fabric, crafted with fine yearns in a tight structure. Smooth and medium weight, the quality of percale is measured by the quantity of threads per square centimetre: the greater the amount of material, the softer and lighter it gets.
Satin: cotton satin fabric is a soft hand-refined fabric, obtain with a loom. After the loom, the fabric is subjected to a calendering that gives brightness to the cotton satin. The result is a soft fabric which is shiny to the eye and pleasantly smooth and delicate to the touch.
No-Ironing Cotton and Airo Linen: cotton or linen treated with specific washes that give the product an antique look. To keep its look over time it is recommended not to iron the fabric. The frame may have "little knots" due to the nature of the material itself.


Specifications and Equipment
Nature Fabric: 100% cotton, pillowcase with 3 buttonholes and simple hem or with drawstring hem
No-Ironing Cotton Fabric: 100% cotton, pillow bag with buttons
Percale Woven Fabric: 100% percale cotton, pillowcase with 3 buttonholes and hem with drawstring hem
Satin Fabric: 100% cotton, pillowcase with 3 buttonholes and hem à jour
No-Ironing Airo Linen: 100% linen, pillowcase with 3 buttonholes and simple hem

Additional Information

Area of Production
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Partner Factory bed and table linen is produced by an historic tailor shop set in the heart of Brianza district, operating since the beginning of the 20th Century. The best Italian tailoring tradition for a valuable collection of house linen characterized by high quality materials and manufacturing techniques: cotton, linen, Flanders fabric, satin, all available in a wide range of colours and "custom-cut" according to the customer's specific requests. is a collection of modern house furniture: high degree of customization, design and 100% Made in Italy manufacturing quality are matched together in unique furniture solutions, contemporary in their design and reliable through time. is the only home design brand available exclusively online: convenient, transparent, always reachable and with the best value for money.

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