All-in bookcase for single or double fold up bed and matching wardrobe. To be combined with Poker, Blackjack and Slot beds.

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All-in is a bookcase for fold up beds, suitable for both single or double model and designed to match Poker, Blackjack and Slot beds. While assembling, the doors of the wardrobes can be assembled with opening on the left or on the right choosing a push pull handle, while the bookcase comes equipped with 5 shelves.
All-in is also available as a 40 cm deep wardrobe and is a perfect space-saving solution for one-room flats, holiday homes and guest bedrooms: a single furniture collection able to offer a coordinated system composed of one or two wall beds together with a cabinet where to replace clothes and bed linen.

5 shelves bookcase
wall panel with 3 fixed shelves
wardrobe with pull-out tube in chromed metal
it can be matched with wall beds and sofa bed from the same collection

Model and Measurements
Models: bookcase, wardrobe
Width: cm 50 / 95
Height: cm 223
Wardrobe / bookcase depth: cm 40
Wall panel with shelves depth:
cm 34,8 (shelves 33 + panel 1,8)

Materials and Finishes
- white melamine
- matt lacquer
- gloss lacquer

Information for your Purchase
The "Wall Panel with Shelves" MUST be used behind the module with storage box of Holdem sofa for the "3-seater" version and "with chaise longue".
Wardrobes and Bookcases with doors are not compatible with Holdem version with 17 cm thick armrests: this thickness will prevent the opening of the doors.

Technical study

Technical Specifications and Equipment
sides, tops and bottoms: class E1 melamine panels, 2.5 cm thick.
doors: class E1 melamine panel thickness 1.8 cm. Push-pull opening
backs: class E1 melamine panel thickness 0.4 cm.
pull-out tube: chromed metal.

The 40 cm wide shelves have a maximum load of 25 kg. The 80 cm wide shelves 20 Kg.

Materials Specifications
matt lacquer: sides and shelves are finished in matt lacquer on both sides; top and bottom are lacquered on the internal side only.
glossy lacquer:sides are finished in gloss lacquer on the external and front side while they are in matt lacquer on the internal side; shelves are entirely finished in matt lacquer; top and bottom are finishes in matt lacquer on the internal side only.

Assembling Tips
For safety reasons it is mandatory to fix the element to a brick wall.

Additional Information

Area of Production
Exportable to the United Kingdom or Ireland with restrictions
Medium Assembling
Technical Schemes
Download the Assembling Instructions
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Partner Factory

This article is produced by an Italian company in the province of Pordenone specialising in the production of convertible wall beds. Inside what appear to be storage units are actually single beds, double beds or bunk beds, depending on the model. These solutions can be easily inserted in bedrooms, small rooms, open spaces, living rooms and sitting rooms and are particularly useful for furnishing small houses, small rooms, studios, holiday homes and residences. All the foldaway beds produced by this company are easily transformable, equipped with a safe and reliable opening system. Every item include the possibility of choosing between manual and motorised opening, a mechanism with a tested braking system, an independent slatted bed base with rigidity adjusters and anti-reflection frames. All products have a patented mechanism and have been carefully designed and quality tested. Adding value to the entire collection is the ease of assembly of all these solutions.
Foldaway wall beds

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