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Lars custom L-shaped sofa by Bonaldo with soft down padding and upholstery cover in fabric or leather. Italian craftsmanship with a sleek and modern design.

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Lars by Bonaldo is a custom L-shaped sofa with leather or fabric upholstery. The structure is delicately supported by either shaped legs or tall, slim feet which give a light and minimalist look. Lars is a sofa with a modern and trendy design which can easily be inserted into any young and stylish environment. This product is available as a classic linear sofa, a corner sofa or a chaise longue.
You can also choice to include an ottoman in the same colour, material and base type as the sofa.

highly customisable as there are several models and materials available
linear sofa with an elegant and sophisticated 73 cm backrest
Meridienne corner sofa with open end, ideal for a modern living room
cushions padded with down and foam, the perfect mix of support and softness
opportunity to include matching or contrasting decorative cushions

Models and Measurements
Models: linear, with chaise longue, meridienne corner
Armrest width: cm 23
- sofa: cm 95
- seat: cm 60
- sofa: cm 73
- seat: cm 43
- feet: cm 17

Materials and Finishes
- fabric, leather (completely removable)
Feet / Legs:
- matt painted metal

Purchase Information
All models include backrest cushions.
You can also purchase additional decorative cushions in the 'Lars Cushion' and 'Bonaldo Cushion' product pages which you can find at the bottom of this page.

Technical study

Specifiche Tecniche e Materiali
Struttura: in legno e pannelli di particelle di legno con cinghe elastiche. Giunzione tra gli elementi con meccanismo a forchetta.
- seduta: in poliuretano espanso, fodera in vellutino accoppiato a fibra di poliestere.
- cuscini di seduta: anima in poliuretano espanso sagomato a densità differenziate e strato in piuma d'oca/anitra in tessuto antipiuma cotone 100%.
- cuscini di schienale: in misto piuma (50% piuma, 50% fibra poliestere) in tessuto antipiuma cotone 100%.
Piedini: profilo cilindrico o sagomato in metallo verniciato opaco, con puntali in materiale plastico.
Rivestimento: tessuto o pelle completamente sfoderabili.

Pouf: cm 95 x 95 rivestito in tessuto o in pelle completamente sfoderabili.

Consigli per il Montaggio
I vari elementi del divano Lars sono provvisti di sistema di aggancio a "forchetta" composto da due elementi: una piastra e un gancio a forchetta. Per assemblarli è necessario ruotare il gancio a forchetta di 90° e successivamente allineare la piastra avvicinando i due elementi fino a fissaggio avvenuto.

Additional Information

Area of Production
Exportable to the United Kingdom or Ireland with restrictions
Cubic Metres
from 1,24 to 3,26 m³
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Partner Factory

Bonaldo was founded in 1936 and has since expressed itself through furniture and designs that meet contemporary domestic needs. 

The collections feature the use of constantly evolving lines: as a matter of fact one of Bonaldo's main goal is to experiment with new materials and new shapes resulting in an international oriented firm constantly collaborating with famous Italian and foreign designers. The materials used are perfect for the needs of today's market, that is of flexible and innovative furniture, whose style and shapes are highly oriented towards the revisitation of a classic style.
Bonaldo products are the result of a completely Italian production that combines a love of design and a desire to offer high quality furniture.

The Veneto based company is a benchmark of Made in Italy worldwide and boasts the collaboration of international designers such as Karim Rashid and Alain Gilles. Bonaldo's furniture has been featured in many famous television programs. The company participates in major national and international fairs dedicated to furniture and interior design.
In 2010 the Big Table table was internationally recognized as an iconic product. In subsequent years, Bonaldo accessories have improved further in terms of technologies and materials used, winning prestigious awards such as the "Red Dot: Best of the Best" and the "Good Design Award" in 2013 with the Octa table.
Bonaldo: modern and design furniture

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