Procedure for the Reception and Verification of the Products

8 points for an easy and safe purchase

We work daily, together with our partners, in order to supply you products that are always in line with our standard of service. At the same time, highly customisable furniture pieces are quite complex to craft and then move; that is why receiving an item with an anomaly is something that might happen: should this be the case, just follow these 8 steps to get our best post-sales assistance.

We are here to assist every single Customer, however we are sometimes bound to ask for an economic contribution to the customer in case one of these steps has not been followed; of course the best thing for everyone is to be able to offer fully free of charges assistance and replacements... simply follow these 8 simple points.


1- Verify the number of packages: if the number does not correspond to the one stated on the shipping document, please write the missing number of packages.

2- Verify the external condition of the packages: if the packages are not intact, it is mandatory to sign the document as "Received damaged / wet packages - content unchecked"; we will not accept generic reasons, nor just "content unchecked".

Opening & Assembling

3- Take pictures of the packages external conditions, it is mandatory in case you've received and signed for damaged packages.

4- Open the packages with extreme care, especially if using utility knives or any kind of blades (they are well recognisable marks and not covered by the Warranty).

5- Verify each item and part before the assembling: in case of anomaly it is necessary to take a photo of the item, specifically a detailed photo of the part before removing the package or proceeding with the assembling.

6- Always keep the original packages at least up to when the assembling is over.

Notification & Assistance

7- Times: the claim on an anomaly after Opening the Packages must be sent within 48 hours from the Unloading.

8- Procedure: the claim must be made by sending an email with your order number, the description of the anomaly and by attaching either pictures or videos able to show it clearly.


Other suggestions and considerations

During the unloading steps (in case of damaged packages and specific report on the shipping document), the driver can proceed and open the boxes in order to verify the condition of the content. Please accept the delivery even in case of packages or items with anomalies; in case the product has a visible anomaly please write "Damaged product" on the document. This must be written on both copies of the document; as an alternative, if you write on the Customer copy only, this must be signed by the driver as well, with his surname and initials.

We recommend to handle the packages with extreme care: in case of large volumes or particularly heavy items it is advisable to get more people to help you out. During the assembling steps it is fundamental to follow the instructions: these are normally included with the supply, in case they are not present (or result unclear) we are at disposal for further assistance. In case of anomalies that might come out during assembling, please contact our Customer Care to verify how to proceed.

We recommend to take pictures of the packages before proceeding with the opening: although not strictly necessary it might be useful in case of anomalies on the product. Follow our guide on how to take photos on defects or anomalies; during the handling phases of your claim we might ask for additional photos / videos (the better we "see" the anomaly the "better and quicker" we can assist you).

The terms of 48 hours from the unloading has been determined in order to assist you at best in those cases where it results difficult to verify whether an issue has to be attributed to the manufacturer, to Srl, to the transport or to the subsequent steps of the movement of the packages inside the house/flat or assembling. The terms concerning "hidden faults" remain valid according to the Consumers Code, for which customers have a 2 months time from the discover of the anomaly to report it to the Retailer. In case the Customer needs to return the item to it is necessary to use original packages; if you don't have them anymore (or in case they can not be recovered) the Manufacturer might ask for an economic contribution to replace the package.