Upholstered Bed with Storage

Destin wrap around headboard bed, available with optional storage box. Fabric, eco-leather or leather upholstery.

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Destin is a wrap around headboard bed, available with removable upholstery in fabric, faux-leather or leather. The upholstered headboard comes with two side headrest cushions that wrap the body of the bed increasing the comfort.
Each model can be chosen with optional storage box, ideal to make the best use of the space at disposal in the bedroom. The storage box can be equipped with a single or double lift-up system, the latter allows you to keep the mattress and slatted base parallel to the bed-frame guaranteeing the best comfort of use.
Dustin is a Made in Italy modern bed, highly customisable and perfect to fit every kind of environment.

fully finished back of the bed, for a position in the middle of the room
wrap around headboard with side headrests
storage box with single or double system
design bed with modern and trendy lines

Model and Measurements
Models: Italian double or king size
Width: cm 187 / 207
Depth: cm 225
Headboard Height: cm h.102
Bed-frame Height: cm h.28

Materials and Finishes
Cover (removable):
- fabric
- faux-leather
- leather
- black plastic material

Information for your Purchase
The slatted base with metal frame and wooden slats is always included on every model. In the drop-down menu related to the Slatted Base, for Standard and King Size beds, it is also possible to choose the "divisible" base that is a base delivered in two halves. Furthermore, it is also possible to remove the slatted base in all models without storage box.
The mattress is not included. You can find a suitable mattress in the Mattresses department: the mattress needs to have slightly bigger sizes than the slatted base.
In the version without storage box, you can adjust the height of the slatted base and get a mattress that is more or less recessed compared to the frame. The four heights are: 5,4 cm, 8,9 cm, 11,8 cm, 15,3 cm.
In case of leather cover, the bed will have a stitching in the middle of the headboard, sides and footboard.
The back of the bed is finished with a synthetic material, customised with the factory brand.

Technical study

Specifiche Tecniche e Dotazioni
Giroletto: spessore 8 cm. Nella versione senza box contenitore, il letto offre la possibilità di regolare l'altezza della rete e di ottenere un materasso più o meno invascato. Le quattro altezze di posizionamento sono: cm 5,4 / 8,9 / 11,8 / 15,3.
Rete letto: ortopedica a doghe di legno e telaio in metallo. La versione "divisibile" è sempre dotata di piedino centrale di supporto.
Box contenitore: rete ortopedica a doghe di legno e telaio in metallo. Sistema di sollevamento ad alzata semplice o a doppia alzata. I pannelli di fondo sono removibili tramite le apposite maniglie per permettere le operazioni di pulizia. L'altezza utile interna del contenitore è di 18,5 cm. Nota Bene: i materassi non devono superare il peso massimo di 35 Kg per il formato matrimoniale standard | 40 Kg per il formato king size.

Additional Information

Area of Production
Exportable to the United Kingdom or Ireland with restrictions
Easy Assembling
Number of Packages
2 / 5
from 73 to 157 Kg
Cubic Metres
from 0,78 to 1,07 m³
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Partner Factory

This is an Italian product, born from the experience and manufacturing excellence of a company which has been working in the furniture field since the 50s. A brand from Veneto region, internationally renowned and present in 81 countries worldwide. Its wide catalogue allows to furnish your entire house: wall systems, sideboards, tables and coffee table for the living area; beds, dressers and nightstands, wardrobes and walk-in closets for the night area.

Made in Italy quality is one of this company strengths: all furniture items are designed and manufactured in Italy, and undergo constant quality controls throughout the whole production process. Each item has been created directly from the experience and skill of a variety of designers and craftsmen: a custom made production relying on carefully selected products, and technologies and innovation always up to date. All the steps of the manufacturing process are carried out with utmost environment friendly techniques. This renown company produces high quality furniture able to last through time maintaining its original look and characteristics, and most of all to adapt to the lifestyles and trends of the models, becoming thus suitable for all kinds of houses.

Made in Italy quality furniture for your house living and night areas

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