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Eris plexiglass wall bookcase made up of two shaped plates, one transparent and the other coming in several colours.


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Eris is a plexiglass wall bookcase made up of two shaped plates, one transparent and the other available in several colours. The two shelves are also made of plexiglass with chromed metal attachments. The arrangement of the plates is free: you can choose to assemble a transparent plate in front and a coloured one in the back or vice versa.
Eris is a square-shaped bookcase, slightly curved outwardly to give the idea of ​​the movement. The absence of a back panel and transparent plexiglass give the bookcase lightness, while the coloured plate makes it lively and vibrant. The choice of material, such as plexiglass, makes Eris suitable to furnish modern and contemporary environments.

composed by a transparent plate and a coloured one available in 17 different colours
equipped with two shelves in clear plexiglass
opportunity to combine more elements and different colours
outwardly curved plates in order to give an idea of movement

Materials and Finishes
- plexiglass

Interior Designer's Opinion

Interior Designer's opinion
Eris is a wall bookcase made of plexiglass, an innovative material, designed for modern, young environments. It consists of two plates, one transparent and the other coloured, which can be arranged freely according to one's taste and the effect one wants to create. If you fancy bringing out the colour or give a more decisive character to the bookcase, you may use a brightly coloured plexiglass front plate. On the contrary, if you prefer a more sober style and a slightly lighter structure, you may go for a coloured back plate and a transparent front plate. The result is a pleasantly looking play of colours.
The range of colours available allows you to play a lot with contrasts: for example, if you have a coloured or wooden wall, such as in the photos, you can opt for neutral colours, on the contrary, if you have white walls and furniture, you can choose bright colours, which make the environment more lively. In this case you can also create a
even more particular effect by combining various elements of different colours among each other.
The main feature of Eris are the shelves: made ​​of transparent plexiglass, creating the illusion that the books, magazines, CDs, which are diplayed on them are actually very light and suspended in the air.

Technical study

Materials Specifications
The details of fixing are made of chromed metal.

Additional Information

Area of Production
Easy Assembling
Number of Packages
4 Kg
Cubic Metres
0,05 m³
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