Carson Loft
High Mattress Sofa Bed

Carson Loft fabric sleeper sofa made in Italy. Removable cover to wash it when dirt and optional clean up system to clean under the sofa.


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Carson is a made in Italy fabric sleeper sofa. It comes with a removable cover to wash it when dirt. This is really useful in case you have a domestic animal like a dog or a cat or in case your children and your family love to dine sitting on the sofa while watching the tv. The optional clean up system allows to ease even more the cleaning under the structure of the sofa itself, avoiding physical efforts. Carson is a sofa bed available in a linear, with chaise longue or corner version with dormeuse.
The cover can be manufactured in fabric or faux leather and it is available in a wide range of colours and textures, while the armrests are straight or shaped according to your tastes. To each composition is possible to add adjustable headrests that can be set in 15 different positions, while for the liner version only you can choose the lift up system.

wide number of models and measurements
removable cover in fabric or faux leather
practical and reliable opening mechanism Made in Italy
storage box in the backrest to store pillows and blankets
chaise longue con pratico contenitore opzionale
poggiatesta reclinabile e regolabile in 15 posizioni
possibilità di completare la dormeuse con un cuscino di schienale
pratico meccanismo di alzadivano manuale per pulire sotto la struttura

Models and Measurements
Models: linear, with chaise longue, with dormeuse
- sofa: see the measurements available in the configuration menu
- straight arm: cm 14
- trapezoidal arm: cm 15
- sofa: cm 100
- seat: cm 58
- open bed: cm 210
- backrest: cm 89 (with tiltable headrest cm 87 / 101)
- arm: cm 61 for both models
- seat: cm 48

Materials and Finishes
- fabric, faux leather (removable)

Information for your Order
In the version with chaise longue or with dormeuse it is possible to choose between 2 models of mattress, in the linear version you can choose among 3 types.
In the models with tiltable headrest it is not available the backrest with pillow holders, while the models with chaise longue or dormeuse can't be equipped with the manual lift up mechanism.

Technical study

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Electro welded base: mechanical with square sectioned steel tubes painted with epoxy powders and bayonet attachments that ease the movement during the displacement; simple opening system that allows not to remove cushions.
Structure: solid fir woods in various thicknesses, pugging parts in wooden fibre and/or plywood, sides in wooden agglomerate of 18 mm; everything covered in 100% thermic coupled polyamide interline and expanded polyester and/or 100% polyester wadding of 200gr.
Padding: seat in crushproof shaped expanded polyurethane in 30HS ny portance 3,6. Shaped glued upholstered seat cushion composed composed by 100% polyester resin of 200gr. Backrest in crushproof expanded polyurethane 18S portance 1,6 and armrests in crushproof expanded shaped polyurethane with density D30 and portance 8,0.
Pillow Holder: inside the backrest there's a compartment where to store pillows after the use. Everything is kept tidy waiting for the next use of the bed. The pillow holder is not available for sofas with tiltable headrest.
- Standard: in expanded polyurethane D25 of medium density cm h.14; covered in 100% stretch anti allergic polyester fabric, quilted on one side and with breathable band for a higher breathability of the mattress.
- Top Quality 30: in expanded polyurethane D30 of high density; cm h.18; cover in 100% polyester anti allergic stretch fabric, quilted on 2 sides and with breathable band for a higher breathability of the mattress.
- Memory: in memory foam cm h.14; cover in fabric 100% anti mite stretch polyester with breathable band for a higher breathability of the mattress.

Clean Up System: manual lift up mechanism available in the linear models that allows to lift up the sofa and displace it saving time and efforts. Using the 2 hiding levers set between the arm and the seat come down 4 robust rubber wheels that lift up the structure without the minimum effort and without scratching the floor. When levers low down, the wheels lift up and disappear, while the sofa leans again on its feet. Easy, fats, practical and safe.
Tiltable Headrest: ergonomic and adjustable by hand in various positioning; the mechanism controls each headrest singularly.
Chaise Longue with Storage Compartments: in melamine and equipped with a seat cushion block, it can be manufactured with a storage compartment to store all your blankets, cushions and linen.


Additional Information

Area of Production
Not exportable to the United Kingdom or EIRE
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This product is manufactured by a company set in Friuli region (Northern east of Italy) specialised in the production of upholstered product for more than 20 years. Their catalogue gathers padded items for the sitting and bedroom such as linear sofas, corner sofas or sofas with chaise longue together with single or double beds in fabric, eco-leather or leather. The wide variety of products and the several covers available make these products highly bespoke.

The production is entirely made in Italy by the hands of skilled artisans that work at the same time with an industrial perspective by using modern techniques and high quality materials: from microfibres to natural yarns like cotton, linen, stain-resistant fabrics, fireproof or flame-retardant. This company belongs to Livenza furniture district certified by Emas which guarantees eco-friendly manufacturing procedures.

Valuable sofas and upholstered beds

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