Extending Console Table

Garrick extending console table with corner legs available with 3 or 6 extensions. Metal structure and laminate top.

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Garrick is an extending console table with corner legs made of metal painted in three colours. The top is available in HPL or Fenix laminate and can be extended from 50 cm to 180, with 3 extensions, or up to 311 cm, with 6 extensions. The standard Fenix laminate finishes make it possible to have to top matching the structure, while by choosing one of the other finishes available, you'll have a two-tone effect.
The legs always at the corners allow to seat comfortably even when the console is extended. Moreover, the extensions, always matching the top, are provided along with a case, to store them away with ease. Garrick is a highly customisable console table, perfect for living rooms with a modern and young design.

extending console table with painted metal structure
HPL or Fenix laminate top available in many tones
extensions always matching the top, always provided with a case to store them
the perfect space-saving solution for small living rooms

Top Thickness: cm 2

Materials and Finishes

Top and Extensions:

- HPL / Fenix laminate
- painted metal

Information for your Purchase
With wooden or stone-effect finishes, there is no continuity between the grain of the top and the one of the extension leaves.

Technical study

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Fenix Laminate: material produced through the use of nanotechnologies, characterised by a decorative surface treated with next-generation innovative resins. Resistant, soft, and pleasant to the touch, it is utterly matt and thermally repairable.
HPL: laminate made through a peculiar manufacturing process combining the action of heat and pressure, the latter applied in special presses for the polycondensation of resins. Sheets of laminated wood are impregnated with phenolic resins and covered with a decorative sheet impregnated with melamine resins. HPL melamine is easy to maintain, highly resistant to stress, chemical agents, scratches and abrasions.

Additional Information

Area of Production
Easy Assembling
Number of Packages
2 / 3
60,6 / 83,6 Kg
Cubic Metres
0,576 / 0,652 m³
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Partner Factory

This product is made by a company from the Friuli region that in the last 50 years has specialised in furniture accessories and transformable items. The production, at first focused on furniture for the hallway, has expanded throughout the years to meet the needs and requirements of modern houses: in small apartments and open spaces you have to make the best of the space available, with furniture items that are functional and beautiful at the same time. With these new trends in mind, the company has widened its catalogue, including modern tables and coffee tables, modular bookcases suitable for both small and big environments, storage units to keep the house in order and tidied up. The hallway furniture, the company's pride and joy, stands out for its multi-purpose and versatile characteristics, and for the possibility to adapt it to any kind of environment thanks to the many finishes available.

Hallway furniture, tables, accessories

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