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Giove customizable dining table made of glass. Beautiful colourful legs in a round or square shape perfect for a young and joyful look.

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Giove is a customizable glass table, rectangular, square and round shaped whose glass table top can be custom-cut according to customer needs. In addition to the top, the legs are fully customizable in shapes and materials and  for a few sizes, legs can be positioned in the centre or on the sides. According to customer's choices, Giove can be turned into either a classic and elegant table or into a witty and funny one, suiting to the style of the environment where it is placed and pleasing the taste of each interior designer. The wide range of combinations available allows you to get a piece of furniture which is always unique and original.

Top size fully customizable
Glass top in 48 different finishes and colours
Ceramic-glass hand-crafted with innovative techniques
15 different models of legs and columns in metal, lacquered or frosted glass
Possibility of combining four or six legs of different shapes and colours
Legs perpendicular to each other for a greater sitting space
Versatile table suitable for any space requirement and taste

75.2 cm - common to all models

Materials and Finishes
- Tempered glass
- Metal: chrome plated / painted
- Lacquered: matt / glossy
- Coated: Gold / silver leaf
- Wood covered in glass

Info for your Quote
In order to assess the maximum number of seats of the desired table size, please view the appropriate Buyer's Guide.

It is possible to choose legs of different shapes for rectangular tables as of these measurements:
- as of cm 80 x 189
- as of cm 85 x 178
- as of cm 90 x 168
- as of cm 95 x 159
- as of cm 100 x 151
- as of cm 105 x 144
- as of cm 110 x 140
- as of cm 115 x 140
- as of cm 120 x 150

Interior Designer's Opinion

The Opinion of the interior designer
Giove is a fully customizable table that provides a wide range of combinations which allow to obtain a piece of furniture caratherised by a style, always new and original each time. In addition to the custom-tailored cut that allows you to place the table in any space,  Giove offers the possibility to choose the finish and colour of the table top and customize the legs in order to match it. If you have to decorate a classic-style, elegant environment, you can opt for a clear or neutral coloured glass table top paired with round shaped legs; if you want to enhance the furnishing, you can choose the finish, coated in gold leaf or silver leaf. If the style fo the environment is rather young and modern, you can combine a clear top with bright coloured legs or vice versa coloured glass top and chrome metal legs.
For those who want then a piece of furniture unique and special, Giove offers the oppurtunity to create legs with different shapes and colours among each other. This
funny solution is perfect for environments, such as lofts with white walls and furniture, where Giove can attract attention being a great decorative item.

Technical study

Specifications and Equipment
Table Top Thickness: 1.2 cm
Column and legs height: 74 cm.
Flanges: Stainless steel. If you opt for glass or lacquered legs, the top is painted in the same colour of the legs near the flanges; for other types of legs, the stainless steel finish remains in plain view.


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Ceramic-glass: the making process is hand-crafted and is perfomed on glass sheets of any thickness. A uniformly-coloured layer of resin is applied on the bottom of the glass, afterwards a further layer of resin is applied on the top. The second layer has a different colour in comparison to the one on the bottom, which is lighter or darker to create a slight light contrast. The resin on the top surface is then spread manually with a trowel according to vertical and horizontal lines and also the glass perimeter is covered.  In this way, the result is a non-homogeneous coloured finish. The glass is then hardened by oven-baking and that makes the surface of the table top sturdier and scratch resistant. Since the making process is hand-crafted, every glass table top is unique and therefore some potential irregularities should be considered common for such material.  
Glass lacquering: Cat.D and Cat.E glasses are back lacquered glasses; the lacquering is carried out in two phases: a first phase of lacquering and a second phase of shielding to increase the resistance.

Additional Information

Area of Production
Easy Assembling
Seat Number
The seats schemes show the maximum seat number: the actual number depends on the seat width. The Customer Care staff is at your disposal for further information.
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Worthy of note is the branch dedicated to "made-to-measure" items: living solutions that can be fully customised in terms of colours and sizes to suit any environment, and can be placed across the living and sleeping areas. The variants are infinite and allow for the creation of combinations capable of satisfying personal taste and living needs, always under the banner of quality and variety of the materials used.
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