Console Table with Drawers

Mafalda hallway console table in canaletto walnut with a classic design. Also available in golden, silver, copper leaf as well as in matt and glossy lacquer or wood veneer.

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Mafalda è una consolle da ingresso in noce canaletto dal design classico, impreziosita da gambe anteriori a sciabola lavorate a mano da mastri artigiani, abbinate a gambe posteriori dalla forma conica e lineare.
Il mobile da ingresso è proposto in diverse larghezze fino a 180 cm, completo di un pratico cassetto centrale utile come svuotatasche. Mafalda è un complemento d'arredo dal gusto retrò in laccato opaco o lucido bianco o nero, legno essenza, rovere spazzolato oppure foglia patinata oro, argento e rame.

consolle dallo stile classico con gambe a sciabola lavorate a mano
estrema cura dei dettagli con preziose lavorazioni artigianali 100% Made in Italy
piano da 100 a 180 cm con pratico cassetto centrale svuotatasche
proposta in laccato opaco, lucido, legno essenza, foglia patinata e rovere spazzolato

Larghezza: cm 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180
Profondità: cm 40
Altezza: cm 76

Materiali e Finiture
- laccato opaco / lucido
- legno essenza
- legno rovere spazzolato
- foglia patinata

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Partner Factory

This item has been crafted by a company from Brianza district (Northern Italy), born at the beginning of last Century as an handicraft workshop specialised in elements for the night area characterised by an ebony craftsmanship.

During the years, the excellent skills in applying - rigorously by hand - valuable finishes has been combined with a technological development; this brought the company towards the production of furniture, accessories and decorative elements which are contemporary in taste yet highly influences by classic suggestions.

Wood remains the main focus of the furniture production, following the best Lombardy tradition. The firm management, now at its third generation, applies manufacturing criteria that aim to combine tradition and innovation.
The unique value of real wood, processed through highly advanced technologies, is matched with a qualified hand-made finishing; more in specific for the most refined details and silver and golden leaf applications. This process underline even more the irreplaceable intervention of man and most of all of a specialised artisan.

Contemporary furniture made of wood, gold and silver leaf

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