Joyce Pacific Internal Equipment

Internal equipment for the Joyce Pacific walk-in closet: wooden and glass shelves, sloped shelves with LED lights, drawers, pull-out trouser and shoe rack and customised floor board.

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This internal equipment for the Joyce Pacific walk-in closet is available in a wide range of types and models, allowing you to accessories your wall panelling according to your needs.
There is a range of accessories available, including additional wooden shelves, glass shelves and sloped shoe-rack shelves with LED lighting, sets of drawers in various sizes, shoe containers, storage cubbies for shirts, pull-out shelves and pull-out trouser racks. The made-to-measure bench can be used as another storage surface and is available in melamine, matt lacquer, metallic lacquer or wood veneer.

numerous accessories for organising your walk-in closet
additional shelves with optional LED light can also be equipped with clothes rails
containers with practical coin tray on the top and front panels which can be fully extracted
mirror available in two sizes: cm h.114,9 / 130,9 to be positioned between two shelves

Materials and Finishes
- melamine
- matt / metallic lacquer
- wood
- glass
- mirror
- metal

Purchase Information
Some photos in the image gallery show the internal equipment for the Pacific walk-in closet: these are also compatible with the Joyce Pacific walk-in closet.

Technical study

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Shelves with light: 3000 K LED bar with electricity transmitted thanks to the contact between the stainless-steel shelf brackets and the outline with electrified rack, equipped with a power cord that emerges upwards to be connected to the power supply (located in the gap between the panel and the wall).
Light can be switched on and off by connecting it to your own electrical system, or with a remote control:
- remote control kit (optional): the kit includes a receiver to switch on and off the light through radio frequency, it supports power supplies for LED lights up to a max. of 300 W. It is compatible with all lighting systems, simply connect the receiver to your house system and the transformer/power supply (in case of multiple transformers please use a multi-plug socket).
Pull-out clothes rail: only available for the d.43,2 cm closet. Burnished aluminium rails and extractable hook in white opaline.
Clothes rail: only available for the d.56,7 cm closet. Rectangular section (cm 3 x 1) in painted metal (Gunmetal and Brown) with non-slip transparent rubber pad. Metal tube support is cm 2,4 x 1 h.7,7.
Set of Drawers / Shoe Rack / Pull-Out Trouser Rack: Fully extractable, only available for the d.56,7 cm closet.
If you choose a groove handle, the colour combinations are as follows:
- linen textured melamine: matt linen groove handle
- natural/ dove grey lotus melamine: rope grey matt grove handle
- terra lotus melamine: terranova matt grove handle
- medium elm melamine: gunmetal matt groove handle
- dark elm melamine: matt brown groove handle
Or if you choose a standard handle, the colour combinations are as follows:
- linen textured melamine: textured melamine handle
- natural/ dove grey lotus melamine: grey rope matt handle
- terra lotus melamine: terranova matt handle
- medium elm melamine: medium elm handle
- dark elm melamine: dark elm handle
Coin Tray/ Pocket Emptier: made with folding effect on the top of the chest of drawers, shoe rack, tray and pull-out trouser rack. Internal depth of 10,8 cm and can be completed with practical, hide-leather dividers:
- with 2 compartments for the cm 57,5 chest of drawers
- with 3 compartments for the cm 72,5 chest of drawers
- with 4 compartments for the cm 97,5 chest of drawers
Shirt Cubbies: suspended or resting on a shelf or set of drawers. Depth of cm 37,5. The elements that make up the grid and the lid are 1,5 cm thick.
Mirror: cm h.114,9 / 130,9 supplied with a support panel (1,5 cm thick) matching the wall panel, and a mirror (0,4 cm thick). Must be positioned between 2 shelves.
Floor Bench: made-to-measure in width and made from melamine, matt lacquer with polyurethane paint, metallic lacquer or wood veneer. 3,5 cm thick, complete with adjustable legs (+ cm h.1,5). ABS border matching the panel.

Assembly Tips
Chest of drawers with glass fronts and pull-out trays can not be placed above a chest of drawers with a handle (the opening will not be accessible as the other two models have a lower recess which will cover the handle).


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