Jacobsen Seven

Jacobsen Seven chair inspired by the original design works of Arne Jacobsen. Designed in 1955, it is a modern design icon of 1900.


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Jacobsen Seven chair is inspired by the original design of Serie 7 chiar of the famous Danish designer Arne Jacobsen. Design in 1955, it is considered a design icon of the twentieth century. The original seat had great commercial success and still stands out for its simplicity and elegance of its lines. Our version is made of laminated beech wood available in wood, lacquered or covered. The finishes available are of great value: fabric, leather, a choice of three types, pony and leather. The structure is in tube-shaped chromed metal and the four legs are crossed under the seat. The chair Jacobsen Seven is crafted to order in an Italian laboratory specializing in metalworking and leather for the reproduction of the classics of the great designers.


- without armrests: 50 cm p.51, 5 h.75
- with armrests: cm p.51.5 58 h.75
Seat height: 43 cm

Seat Finish
- natural beech
- beech lacquered black or white
- RAL lacquer
- fabric
- leather Calf, Full Grain Leather, Aniline leather
- Cavallino
- Bulgarian leather, leather Full Grain


- chromed metal tubular

coating leather
Pelle Vitello
Calf leather
: cowhide from slaughterhouses European and non-European countries, chrome tanning, dyeing according to EEC legislation, medium size square meters 4/5, thickness 0,9 / 1 mm. The Calf leather or emery ("contract" leather) is a corrected grain leather. It 'a skin from the very competitive price, which has a fairly soft to the touch and a good seal over time. Great location great price. 

Full Grain Leather
: Cowhide from slaughterhouses European and non-European countries, chrome Pelle Pieno Fioretanning, dyeing according to EEC legislation, medium size square meters 4/5, thickness 1,4 / 1,6 mm. The skin Flower Printed ("grain" leather) is always a proper grain leather but with thickness greater than the Calf skin. This ensures a longer life and durability. The surface of the skin is generally a little 'more rough to the touch than other leathers.

Pelle Anilina Aniline Leather: Cowhide from slaughterhouses European and non-European countries, chrome tanning, dyeing according to EEC legislation, medium size square meters 4/5, thickness 1,1 / 1,2 mm. The Aniline leather ("aniline" leather) is the finest leather used in the decor. The grain surface occurs naturally and has not undergone corrections, so that you can catch a glimpse of pores, veins and grooves so that its surface is not always homogeneous as in full-grain leather or calf. Very soft to the touch.

Arne Jacobsen Arne Jacobsen
Arne Jacobsen was born in Copenhagen in 1902 and played his first period of activity in his country winning the contest dell'Akademisk Arkitektforeningen for the design of a "House of the Future" and "winning" a silver medal for a chair, was then exposed to the prestigious "Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs" in Paris. Influenced by designers such as Le Corbusier and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was one of the first to introduce modernism in Danish design, between the twenties and the thirties. In addition to numerous works as an architect Jacobsen became famous as a designer, thanks to its production of chairs and complements design that led him to be one of the most famous in his century. In the design of his most renamed the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen proved to be a personality can range from interior design to architecture, designing the building over every detail: from furnishing fabrics (which include the Egg chair and Swan chairs) to the cutlery and the ashtrays. Throughout his career combined Jacobsen sculptural and organic forms that merged with the traditional characteristics of Scandinavian design getting results with an appealing charm that lasts.

Additional Information

Arne Jacobsen
Area of Production
Models in RAL lacquer can be purchased only by multiple of 6
Number of Packages
6 / 7 Kg
Cubic Metres
0,27 m³
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