Oasis Laundry Column

Oasis laundry-room column cupboard, ideal for storing your washing machine and dryer. Also equipped with shelves, shoe rack, broom holders or laundry basket.

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Oasis is a laundry-room column cupboard with dual purpose: it is perfect for storing your washing machine and dryer, or as a cupboard for storing brooms and vacuum cleaners. The different models available allow you to create numerous possible storage solutions, all of which are perfect for organising your laundry room. For example, you can opt for a tall and practical cupboard featuring shelves over the washing machine for your laundry hampers.
This unit, which can be combined with other products from the Oasis collection, can also be equipped with various accessories. This allows you to create a practical cupboard with a laundry basket or pull-out shoe rack. Oasis can be 30, 35, 45, 60, 70 or 90 cm in width, and is available in several depths, including the space-saving model which is only 37cm in depth.
There is also a corner column cupboard available, which is 125cm and comes with pull-out baskets. This model allows you to furnish a large laundry room by creating a storage solution across two walls.

tall washing-maching cupboard with a width of 70 or 90 cm, ideal for placing the dryer on top
laundry-room column cupboard with hinged doors, pull-out doors or drawers
90cm column cupboard with pull-out shoe rack and upper shelves
wide range of equipment available: broom hooks, shoe rack, laundry baskets
you can create a spacious cupboard for storing everything you need for laundry and house cleaning
washing-machine compartment can be anything between 85 and 130 cm in height

Model and Measurements
Width: cm 30 / 35 / 45 / 60 / 70 / 90 / 125 (corner cupboard)
Depth: cm 37 / 50 / 62 / 67
Height: cm 200 + feet cm h.1 / plinth cm h.10

Materials and Finishes
- melamine
- matt / sandblasted / glossy lacquer

Info for your Purchase
For the washing machine/ dryer column cupboard, the available internal space is cm 62 / 82 p.47 / 59 / 64 h.100 (bottom part) / 96 (upper part). When choosing your appliance, please pay attention to the overall measurements, including the rear drainpipe, the opening system and the buttons on the machines. The back panel is completely open, except for structural wooden bars which are 11 cm in height. The height of the washing-machine compartment can be anything between 85 and 130 cm.

Interior Designer's Opinion

Interior Designer's Opinion

The Oasis laundry-room furniture is designed to provide practical and tidy storage solutions. Oasis is available in several different models, each with a specific function.

The column cupboard with internal shelves is a spacious cupboard, perfect for storing your linen or cleaning products; the column cupboard for storing brooms is equipped with a metal bar and hooks, as well as sufficient space for storing a vacuum cleaner.
The column cupboard is also available in the model with a laundry basket placed inside the lower compartment; the 70cm washing-machine column cupboard with upper compartment for a dryer is perfect for storing electrical appliances out of sight. The 90 cm model is also available with an extractable shoe rack.

The Oasis laundry-room column cupboard can be combined with other furniture from the same collection, such as the cupboard unit with a sink.

Thanks to the numerous finishes available, Oasis satisfies any tastes or needs: the melamine versions (even lacquered melamine) create a piece of furniture with a natural, tactile and warm effect, with surfaces which are reminiscent of the veining seen in wood or stone; the lacquer option allows you to choose from a wide range of colours, both matt and glossy.

Technical study

Materials Specifications
Structure: 1.8cm-thick, made up of wood-particle panels
Fronts: made up of 1.8cm-thick wood-particle panels for melamine models, and 1.8cm-thick MDF panels for the lacquer models.

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Doors: equipped with hinges with integrated slowing system for a softer and quieter closing.
Drawers: equipped with a metal body with total-extraction slides and slow closing.
Internal Shelves: transparent glass, 6mm thick, with plastic supports.
Corner column cupboard: fixed front part cm 65 wide, door width cm 60. The full-extendible pull-out shelves, available as alternative to the fixed ones, can bear a max. load of 20 kg.
Column with pull-out door: full extension on rails with full-height container trays
Shoe Rack: completely extractable on rails.
Column with pull-out laundry basket: the basket is completely removable so that it can be placed next to the washing machine.
Washing machine and dryer column: without bottom, equipped with a central, reinforced shelf (width 3.5 cm) with a maximum load of 60 kg, positioned 100 cm off the ground to ensure that you can use even bigger washing machines. The compartments for the washing and drying machine do not have back panels, in order to allow space for the drainpipes: there are structural bars (11cm in height) to ensure stability.
Handles: there are several handle models to choose from, as well as a push-pull system. The cod.152 and cod.16 handles are available in a matt lacquer finish in any colour from the material samples page. The mod. 68 handles protrude from the surface of the door by 4 cm.

Broom-holder hooks: available in a set of 4 holders (overall measurements: cm 28 d.4,4 h.4,8) or 5 holders (overall measurements: cm 35 d.4,4 h.4,8), in chromed metal, to be fixed onto the upper shelf. They can also be used as clothes hangers.
Single basket: in chromed metal, cm 27,5 d.11 h.8, to be fixed onto the sides of the column. You can purchase up to 6 single baskets: when you choose the quantity please consider the available space and the height of the objects you want to store.
Set of baskets: 3 baskets (overall measurements: cm 21 d.40,5 h.62) or 4 baskets (overall measurements: cm 21 d.40,5 h.90), in chromed metal, to be fixed on the sides of the column.

Melamine: for maintenance, you can simply use a neutral detergent. To clean limescale stains, you can use a sponge soaked in vinegar or any specific product, then rinse and dry. Do not use acids, abrasive products or powders; do not let anti-limescale products come into contact with the surface for a prolonged period of time, as they may cause marks.
Lacquer: we recommend using soft cloths to avoid damaging the surface. Do not use products containing solvents, acetone nor wax-based, alcohol-based products nor silicones.

Additional Information

Area of Production
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Partner Factory

This bathroom furniture is a 100% Italian product made by a company from the province of Pordenone that started in the field during the 90s. Initially oriented towards the production of classic and modern bathrooms, it grew throughout the years earning national and international fame in the water and sanitary system as well. The company headquarters cover 16.500 square metres and are equipped with innovative machinery. Its business is characterised by the high quality standard of the materials employed, studied and renovated every year to follow the latest fashion. The solid wood comes from forests that follow regularised policies regarding tree cutting and all the other materials are either recycled or recyclable. Every productive phase takes place inside the company itself in order to guarantee the highest monitoring level.

The company creates its personal models but still focuses on the needs of modern housings in terms of space and taste. Moreover, the modular nature of the products allows for high customisable projects. It is possible to widen the initial composition with additional accessories and equipment in every moment. The wide collection and the colour range offered cover several different styles and types of environment: from a more elegant and refined bathroom to an original design, from soft and natural shades to pastel colours. Cabinets with drawers and baskets placed under the basin, wall-hung drawers, columns to store linen or beauty products, dressing tables of the most diverse shapes: the bathroom vanities of this collection are thought to satisfy every need.

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